[Userscript] Show amount of remaining radicals, kanji, vocab during reviews

What does it do?
This is script shows how many radical, kanji and vocabulary items are remaining in your current review session.


You can install it via Greasyfork: WaniKani Review Item Count Details

It is tested only very quickly on Chrome and iOS (because that is how I’m mainly using it myself Running userscripts on iOS: a workaround)

I’m not sure if I can provide many bugfixes or enhancements in the future for this since since it is just something I quickly threw together for my own use and my free time is unfortunately a bit limited. But I wanted to share it anyway, maybe someone finds it helpful as it is.

Thanks to all the other script authors from whom I keep randomly copying code, I forgot which scripts I was looking at so I don’t know whom’s code I’m ripping off here :wink: