Request of userscript?

I have an idea for a userscript I didn’t find here.
Maybe someone has already written one, maybe someone is enough bored to do so :3

The Idea

Add the duration of each Radical/Kanji/Vocab
  • to the right top of the current lession/review window
Here the time would be shown like a stopwatch.
  • to a summary when finished a lession/review
Here you would see the time you spent on each Radical/Kanji/Vocab
  • to an overview page you can see whenever you want (in the menu)
Here you would see every Radical/Kanji/Vocab sorted in level and group.

What do you think?
If there is no one that wants to do it I may try it my own, but this could take a while > <

Regards Dollique

How do you see this improve your learning experience I wonder?
They may be interesting stats, but only if they are persistent and you can compare this info with other items. Or compare the various review times of the same item. But when doing 100+ reviews per session I wonder if it adds anything to the experience to have timing information.
I could be missing something though.

Hmm, that’s true… I thought of having information for which item I need what time. Because there are items I know very fast and some I think about like for 30 seconds…

It was just an idea… I did not think this through… > <

Maybe someone knows a better way to use this information and can do something great with it…