Mastering じつ・にち, にん・じん, ねん・とし etc

I can’t say enough good stuff about the Self-Study Quiz script. Nothing more satisfying than nailing something you missed by practicing it to death. But then I was thinking, if only there was a way to generate lists of things that I’m confusing regularly, like the different readings of 日, 人, 月, 年, 生…

I was getting ready to roll up my sleeves and delve into the API, but it’s already done in the mighty Self-Study Quiz, if you have the Additional Filters installed too! Click the gear, go to the Items tab, make a new presets list and at the bottom put your most confused kanji in the Related Items field, select the SRS levels you want as well, and you get a fine list to torment yourself with.


I’m not sure what the Related Items field is. Sounds like you might also be using some filter plug-ins for Self-Study Quiz. If so, I’m sure others could benefit from seeing which ones you’re using :slight_smile:

Edit: Ahh, I see… it’s @seanblue’s [Additional Filters] script.


Thanks for the heads up. I forgot I had installed Additional Filters along with it, as it was recommended in the The Ultimate Guide thread. I changed my initial post to clarify.

I do an extra hit of reviews after lessons and that makes a big, big difference in retaining them. And some readings or meanings just need to be hammered into place and it’s great not to have to make my own flashcards for that.


Glad it’s working well for you!
Your way of using it is exactly why I wrote Self-Study Quiz: Drill them at the start, and they stick so much better.

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