[Userscript] Reorder Omega

Seems to work great – here is my lesson order preset:

{"preset":{"name":"Lesson Order","selected_action":"0","available_on":{"reviews":false,"lessons":true,"extra_study":false,"self_study":false},"actions":[{"name":"First any really old lessons (from before previous level)","type":"filter","filter":{"filter":"level","level":"1..-2"}},{"name":"After that...","type":"freeze & restore"},{"name":"Learn current radicals & kanji","type":"filter","filter":{"filter":"item_type","item_type":{"radical":true,"kanji":true,"vocabulary":false}}},{"name":"Radicals first","type":"sort","sort":{"sort":"type","type":"rad, kan"}},{"name":"But prioritize current level over previous level","type":"sort","sort":{"sort":"level","level":"desc"}},{"name":"After that...","type":"freeze & restore"},{"name":"Do vocab from previous and finally from current level","type":"sort","sort":{"sort":"level","level":"asc"}}]}}

However, I have noticed that if I have the JLPT filters script active, selecting existing presets in the presets list of the settings dialog throws errors. In the wkof settings module it seems to try to load the setting for filter_by_jlpt_level which returns undefined, and in line 405, it then tries to read value[opt_name] (undefined["0"]).

wkof code screenshot


Or maybe I have made a mistake when I tried to reset the Reorder Omega settings by deleting the IndexedDB Reorder Omega settings entry. I noticed that I also have to delete the [dir] database entry or else the default presets are not restored, but maybe I have missed additional necessary steps.

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