Problem with Lesson Filter script

The script used to work for me a couple of weeks ago but now it stopped and I have no idea how to get it working again. This is coming from someone with 0 experience with programming. Does anyone else have this problem?

There was an overhaul of the Wanikani code that caused many scripts including Lesson Filter to stop working. The author is now busy trying to make it work again.


ah great, thank you ^^

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You may find this useful for sorting or filtering lessons and reviews:

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Generally you want to check the script’s dedicated topic and ask questions there instead of posting new topics about script issues.

I (the script author) posted a new beta version of the script that you can add directly while I’m working out the rest of the issues. It requires you to do the filter through the console instead of the UI for now, but the core behavior should work.

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Thank you so much, and sorry about the new topic thing

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