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Ever had trouble spelling someone’s username when you want to mention them? I have.

Easy Mentions

Adds an @ button to the bottom of each post which appends a mention of the author to your reply.

That’s it.

Available at



No, not really.

But it’s a neat userscript and a great idea


@Nikastmin You sure?


Me sure.

But seriously having the “@” button added is super handy, thanks!


Gotta try this:

hey @Kumirei wus up?

It worked! I really need to learn to write scripts!


Nice idea. Sometimes the autocomplete in Discourse doesn’t pop up for some reason.


@Kumirei For some reason nobody installed this (according to greasyfork). I wonder why, it seems so useful!


GF’s numbers are terribly inaccurate. We know at least Rose installed it, since she tried it, but it’s something I’ve noticed with other scripts as well.


I have it

Le proof


@Kumirei Would you be able to make a similar script for adding a button for quoting the whole post? It’s annoying having to start a reply to then click the quote button. (I know, it would only save one click. :man_shrugging:)

[Userscript] Forums: Quote Whole Post

I actually have something like this already which uses CTRL+DOUBLE CLICK. I’ve kept it among friends because we’ve used it for secret messages over the past year. Would you like a button or is CTRL+DOUBLE CLICK fine?


I think a button would be more convenient, but the double click version is fine if you don’t want to do more work.



Thanks, I’ll try it out tonight!


Ok, I take that back…



@Kumirei Looks like this script and the quote one are not showing the buttons anymore. Maybe they changed the DOM slightly.


Yeah, I noticed. There are a couple of scripts not working and I have a bunch to do on my themes as well. I will fix it when I find the time, might take a few days


Updated: v.0.1.1 fixed after Discourse changes



Thank you much! You are wonderful!