[Userscript] For the goddess!

Do you hate trying to find that tiny like button on your sexy 42 kabillion super pixel monitor? Do you have a habit of browsing the WaniKani forums with your mouse hand occupied? Are you sick and tired to losing out to @Borx’s and @abertssquirrel’s public displays of affection? Do you wish the forums would recognize the one true goddess of WaniKani and automatically like of @Kumirei’s posts for you? Well For the goddess! solves at least one of the problems for you!

Install here and embrace your inner laziness: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/31555-for-the-goddess

Just going to clarify this is a joke script. Now if you’ll excuse me it’s 5am and I’m going to get some sleep before I regret making this.


Oh my god! ccookf! we’re in the same time zone!

Image result for michelle tanner surprised gif

you’re in PA too aren’t you!!! i remember you liked one of my PA comments once

I’m gonna find you ccookf, and we’re gonna be such good friends…unless you make that script for reals… then we have a problem


cmon! They had to work for their place on that list.
How do we recognize whether their love is genuine?




Wait… no… I almost died in PA…

I DEFINITELY LIVE NEAR DC Someone save me. This squirrel is insane!


I ran him over in the local news thread. He can’t be stopped I guess. Good luck!


i used to live in P.G. County, MD just outside of D.C, i know the area :slight_smile:


The shitposting has actually spread to the API subsection. I wonder if I’ll be able to corrupt Japanese only in the future.


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