[Userscript] Does this one exist?


When you’re doing the reviews, the top progress bar only advances when you have answered both the meaning and reading correctly. Isn’t that just a tiny bit annoying? I would like it to advance with each correct input in smaller steps.

Is there a script for that that I don’t know about? :durtle_durtverted_lvl1:

Am I being just too picky? Obviously yes, but there are some weird scripts out there so who knows…

Thanks in advance!

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Only if you answer both meaning and reading will the item you’re reviewing progress and be added to your reviewed items pile. If you stop your reviewing process after having answered only 1 of them, wait long enough, you’ll have to give both answers again. If you wait a short while, WK remembers your previous session.

So, it doesn’t really make sense to show progress, unless you’ve finished the full review of each item= answers for both meaning and reading. Because, the review could go either way.

Let’s say you answered the reading wrong. Wait 2 hours (or is it more?) and you’ll get a new chance to answer. If you get the reading right this time, the item moves up in level rather than down if WK had remembered your previous wrong answer.

I’m no coder, so I don’t know what’s possible or not to code, but I thought I’d explain how the reviewing process works on WK. ^^ (and why the progress bar makes sense to me at least)

Thanks Ekg!

I hear you, but for me the bar is only a visual aid that shows how far are you from finishing your lesson. It shouldn’t really matter if you fail your answers, because the lesson is going to end anyway. It’s really not a big deal but many times you get five or six “partial” answers one after the other and the progress bar doesn’t move. :angryviet: :fire:

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