[Userscript] Vertical Review Progress Bar


i made this script (using Sinyavens ConfusionGuesser as base code because i suck at js) because i wanted to see visual progress of the review. feel free to use it as well.

when you do your reviews, the colour in the bar (separated into your to-do radicals, kanji and vocab) will slowly decrease until the whole bar is gray at the end.


here is another version that shows levels instead of types:


important: you have to put in your own api key at the top of the code (no specific permissions required).


Wow, this looks very nice!
(Maybe less shadow to remove the contrast on the eye :grin:)

Sadly, the confusion guesser script is quite important for my learning process…
But it’s a nice start for your first script!

i figured out how to do it, there is an update so it should work with confusion guesser!

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Great! Then I suppose if the necessity for the API key is gone, then the script might be perfect :slight_smile:
I suppose you can get the review queue without making API calls. Probably studying the Reorder script might give an important hint. Just if you want to further improve on it - I know myself that hours can pass writing on scripts :joy:

By the way - what do the colours represent in the bar?

Blue = Fully answered
Pink = Only once answered
Purple = Did not yet appear


i might look into that another time since i’ve spend the last 3 days on this script already lol
or if someone else can do it i’ll quickly integrate it.

blue = radicals
pink = kanji
purple = vocabulary

also i’m thinking about turning the colours to indicate levels instead of type