Cool Review Progress Bar

It’s been bugging me that there’s no “animation” (transition) on the progress bar at the top of the review page, so I decided to make a useless script to do it. Also made the bar thicker so you could really see that sucker move. ;D

Install Here

I set it up so you can turn off the thick bar if that’s not your thing (or the animation if you just want the thick bar). Just go into the script and flip one of these true values to false. Alternatively, you can specify the height of the bar by messing with the barThickness value.



I like useless scripts in my wanikan -> so installed :partying_face:


Humanity doesn’t deserve this

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just did a bunch of reviews. don’t even know why exactly but i love it - thanks :laughing:

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Right there with you. :3

That’s how I feel about every other script I have installed, especially the useful ones. lol

:+1: :smiley: