[Userscript] Dashboard Level Progress Detail. update to broken script

I also feel that way. jquery provides an easy way (without writing much/long code) to change stuff in userscripts. But if your developing a webapp you are problably using the likes of React, Angular, Vue, Svelte… and jquery would actually break everything that you are doing

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Hi everyone. So a couple of things changed on the dashboard with the latest update that took effect today. I highly depend on this script with my progress, but it doesn’t show anymore after the update.

Any solution to the problem please?


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The post got kind of buried already :slight_smile:

The progression section was renamed in the new layout. If you open the script and replace the two occurrences




It will work again.



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I was desperately looking for this, thank you!!!

I want to replace the whole new block (progress and forecast) with our level-progress-detail widget. Reason is that 1/ I dont like the forecast either 2/ this block is white, whereas I am trying to keep the Dark Breeze theme with minimal change.

So a solution I experimented with :

  • modify the script mode to override the content of progress-and-forecast
  • the WK site-designer has used a CSS ‘display=grid’ to format the progress-and-forecast. To avoid the level-progress-detail to be display as a grid, I have a piece of CSS:
    display:inline !important;

By the way, this ^^^ is equivalent to:


Hey guys,
first of all thank you very much @BlazzBolt for your work on the script! It seems really neat and I wanted to implement it in my WaniKani Dashboard, as well, but sadly it doesn’t seem work. I treated it just as any other script (and they’re running fine), so I don’t know if I’m still missing something, that I have to do in order to get this script to work or if it’s maybe broken. Any help is appreciated!

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This script was never updated for the dashboard updates in March, but can still work if you make two changes in the script after installing it (around lines 31 and 101)

Replace the two occurrences




Eyy, now it works. Thank you so much!

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Heya, first of all thank you so much for making this script! I downloaded it recently and it’s already been so useful.

A couple of questions (for either the creator or anyone else who might know):

Firstly, does anyone know how to change which levels and sections are displayed? Specifically, this script seems to remove a section (for example, kanji from a previous level) when all of the items have either been guru’d, or 90% have been learned. However, personally I would prefer it if the section were only removed once all items have been guru’d. Is there anything I could change in the script to make that happen?

And secondly, in the progress bars, I find it difficult to differentiate between the colors of the different apprentice levels, as they are very similar shades of pink. Is there any way to add a legend, or even change the colors to make them brighter and more distinguishable? (I realize that you can hover the mouse over a bar to find out what its level is, but for me I think it would be more useful to be able to tell at a glance.)

Sorry for the long post. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


I just started using this script after liking it in Flaming Durtles and thought showing the past levels until completed was a good idea. If you look around line 39 you can achieve what you want by replacing that if statement with:

            // if (!(progress.max === 0 || (progress.gurued_total/progress.max >= 90 && total_learned == progress.max))) {
            // Changed so that it always show progress bars until completed. (with this check we probably don't need the total_learned check since it's redundant.
            if (!(progress.max === 0 || (progress.gurued_total == progress.max && total_learned == progress.max))) {

The colors could be changed but it’s not nearly as straight forward so you’ll have to bear with it for now.

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Same, I liked the way it was done on Flaming Durtles. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I haven’t edited a userscript before, so this was quite nerve-wracking :sweat_smile: but it doesn’t seem like anything has been messed up (yet).

Fair enough.

Glad it worked out! Sorry about the colors but hopefully it’s still useful. :smiley:

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Thanks; this worked. Maybe the OP could put a link to your post in the Topic Post?

Thanks for this! It was not working for me until I did the changes suggested by @rwesterhof
Thank you! :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

Thanks for the question; had the same problem.

@rwesterhof thanks a lot for the fix. :slight_smile:

If you’re unsure about changing a userscript you can put two slashes (//) before the line you want to change and copy the changed line under the original. The // will mark a line as a comment and won’t be read as code by the script. Like that you can easily change back to the original (delete the // you put & delete the new line you entered) in case something does go wrong and you’d struggle to remember the original code.

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You can use the Remove Useless Panels script for this. It’s also integrated in the Dashboard Cockpit script.

Since this script is no longer maintained (again), I’m going to maintain it! Here’s the new thread.