[UserScript] Condensed Progress Bars

Just wanted to say that I really like both this script and the srs grid.
I’m glad to see you’re interested in finding a solution for the clean dashboard problem. Even if it’s not a speedy fix.
I look forward to when they all work together.

It’s “small” quality of life changes like this that make the overall experience on WK so much better. (i say small but it’s most definitely a ton of work, but I’m no programmer so I haven’t got a clue :P)

Thank you for all the work you put in!

Just a suggestion. Without the script there’s no tooltip for no progress so you could simply hide it or something in this case.

Please fix a situation when there’s no radical in the level. 

embe said... Please fix a situation when there's no radical in the level. 

 Was not even aware there were levels without radicals.  But I guess it makes sense when you get really high levels.