[Userscript] Burn Manager (Review / Resurrect / Retire)

I don’t think there’s any way around it. Last I knew, the only way to resurrect and retire is via a direct PUT request (i.e. not the API).

I think the best I could do, if I had time, would be to add a loop to retry until the rate limit releases. The Open Framework already does that for API requests, but since retire/resurrect doesn’t use the API, the script isn’t using the Open Framework.


That would certainly work.

Right now, the user has to process this about 2 times per level because of the rate limit. Unfortunately, I needed to refresh the browser each time I wanted to resurrect items.

I have some questions about resurrect and retire.

  • I understand that resurrecting an item means that it is no more burned. What will be its SRS stage afterwards?
  • If I resurrect all my burned items, will they all show up at the same time for the next review after xx hours/days (xx depending on the SRS stage they get)?
  • What does retire mean? Is it an immediate burn (after a resurrection)?

Sorry if these questions have been answered before, but I didn’t find the answers.

Pretty sure it’s Apprentice 1

Pretty sure they go right into your review pile

Yep. Pretty sure that a resurrected item can be burned again at any time.

I say pretty sure on all of these because it’s been a good while since I did any resurrecting


Thanks for your pretty sure answers, @kumirei.
So WK knows that an item had been burned before and resurrected? I suppose that retiring is only possible for previously resurrected items.

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Nice animated answer!
However I don’t know if I will ever burn the example you chose (暮れる). That’s a tough one.

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I chose it because I once burned it as “to live” and had to resurrect it when I realized that was wrong sweat_smile

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Is it possible to implement a (configurable) target level for the resurrection? I would consider resurrecting all my burned items, but I don’t want them to go to apprentice 1.

Unburning to Enlightened or Master would be nice, then

  • if I still know the item, it is burned again
  • if I don’t remember it, it goes down in the SRS stages and I will learn it once more.
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Unfortunately, no. Wanikani’s interface doesn’t have a way to specify the SRS level when resurrecting.


I cannot seem to find the scripts under the menu.

This is exactly what I want too (and I imagine basically everyone who has a bunch of burned items, no?).
Unburning to Enlightened makes so much more sense, you either know it for real and it’s burned again or you put it back in the queue (just not way down to apprentice 1).

Hello, I can’t seem to get it to bulk revive everything. Any advice?

EDIT: Never mind. I was trying to do all levels at once, it somewhat works when I do them one level at a time. Sometimes an error pops up saying too many at once, but its okay.

Sorry for the slow response… Yeah, it’s probably due to the Wanikani server’s rate-limit. I vaguely remember adding some code to make it patiently wait for the limit to ease off, but I don’t remember if there’s any feedback to indicate that it’s still trying.