[User Script] 躾 Shitsuke《Discipline》: Allow Kana and Accented Character Synonyms for Meaning

Edit: Name of user script is pending as I’m going to have the script allow accented and non-unicode characters for synonyms. Feel like using Russian or emojis for synonyms? Go for it.

Goal: Allow WK to accept synonyms containing kana in reviews.

I’ve been wanting to use synonyms for reviews with kana for quite a while now especially since I’ve switched to using Japanese-only learning materials/AJATT 99% of the time outside of WK and wanted to bring some AJATT style learning to WK reviews, so I started working on 躾 Shitsuke《Discipline》 tonight and got a super alpha version that I’ve been testing for myself.

It’s not quite ready, but I did finish my last review item successfully. It gets around the issue of not being allowed kana by finding a match with your synonym within the Wanikani Open Framework of the current item and shows you what you put. In the background, since the synonym matched one you created (that may contain kana…it just matches any synonym with the text entered for now, kana or not), the actual submit field is populated with an official meaning answer and the field submitted, so it will be sent as correct. I’ve got some kinks to work out, but wanted to show what that looked like so far and that it did work for me.


I’ll post a link to the script when I’m ready to have people willing to be Guinea Pigs for a beta version, maybe sometime this weekend.

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Sorry if I’m just not getting it… but why does ウ王 match that radical? And just out of curiosity, why did you choose the name shitsuke? (Maybe I’d understand it better if I understood what the script is doing better)

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The Chinese emporer of old, Wu. The Kingdom of Wu. It’s a short one I put together on a random radical that I resurrected and put for me to test. It’s heavily abbreviated.

As for 躾, that’s what I feel when answering Japanese with Japanese!

Edit: Thanks for the comment about clarification. I added in bold to the initial post better what the intent is.

Okay, so you had this ウ王 synonym for that radical, but the system wouldn’t let you answer with it because it contained kana? And this lets you override that?

Ah… my understanding of しつけ was that it meant teaching other people (children, animals, etc) how to behave properly, so I wasn’t really seeing the connection.

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Indeed, that’s the same meaning I know. I am the child (in terms of Japanese ability) and I need to change my behaviour from English to Japanese. It’s probably not the most useful script for people, but since I’m going to be using it for myself, I figured if there are one or two others out there who could benefit from this style of learning, then I may as well put it out there.

Thanks for the reply!

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Closed as requested by Emay.