Usefull resources for begginers


Hi. I recently started learning Japanese (currently studying vocabulary and kanji). Do any of you have any recommendation in resources that may help with the understanding of grammar and vocabulary (such as a manga, light novel or a movie), or at least see how the grammar and vocabulary i am currently studying is applied in practice?

I have tried surfing some japanese forums but due to the overwhelming amount of stuff going on, i cant seem to focus on the task.



Before learning kanji you should learn how to read hiragana and katakana. For grammar google Tae Kim.


Have you seen this:

It probably falls under the “overwhelming category”, though.


Pretty much everyone on this site I have seen recommend the manga よつばと! for beginners because it uses basic vocabulary, but it is still over my head. has some stuff on YouTube labelled “absolute beginner”, including some listening comprehension that I like. And there is always Yuta Aoki’s blogs that have interviews with Japanese speakers that are fun/interesting.


よつばと is great, I’m new here but it’s glad to see i’m already in the game since it’s recommended by the community. is also a great resource.