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I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of good resources to improve my Japanese beyond just kanji. I find that I’m still very shaky on particles and sentence structures and when I go to places like NHK Web Easy I can get the general gist of a lot of it, it’s mostly kanji and words I know the meaning of, but I can’t QUITE get from ok these words I understand to what the overall meaning of the sentence is. I’m just not sure where to start.


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Any Japanese learner centered material?

Like, there are books (Genki is beloved and hated, Minna no Nihongo etc.), there are online resources (Tae Kim, MaggieSensei, Imabi and a heck more), there are apps (Human Japanese, …).

Such a general question was asked a million times, so instead of waiting for replies just do a google/forum search and then choose something to get started.
Here is a thread with links to many resources I just found.

I think I sound like a douche, but I mean I sincerely: Such a vage question is best answered by ones own research, me thinks.

(If you really have only Kanji knowledge, just start with Tae Kim. It has some flaws, but you only need to be aware after you have the basics under your belt).


Tofugu has an example sentence series that slowly increases in difficulty. You might try that.


Really diving into and understanding grammar will help your reading comprehension immensely. Kanji is one third of it, grammar is the second third, and vocab knowledge is the last third.

Here are some resources to get started:

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I tried out bunpro at the suggestion of JavaSparrow and I’m finding it quite useful though I do often follow through the readings link so that I can learn more about it. The initial explanation is often too meager and MaggieSensei and Tae Kim’s write ups are invaluable.

There’s an app called Japanese Particles Master. It’s free on the GooglePlay Store. It’s great to study the many different particles and their use.

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