After Learning Kanji

I have learned Hiragana and Katahana and I just started learning Kanji with this website. Whenever Im finished, what would be the next best step?


Where do you imagine yourself in next 10 years?


fluent in japanese

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It sounds like you haven’t yet started to study any grammar? I would definitely recommend that you get studying some grammar, long before you ever finish with WaniKani :slightly_smiling_face: but I guess after that… reading!


Thanks! Would you have any remediations for starting this?

That’s one of those questions where you’ll get a totally different answer depending on who you ask :wink:

I would probably recommend trying out some free resources first, because then even if you don’t get on with them you won’t have wasted any money. People often suggest Tae Kim’s Guide, Japanese Ammo with Misa, or Cure Dolly (which is just horrendous audio-wise but lots of people swear by it).

I personally got started with the Genki textbooks, and I find them pretty clear and easy to read. That said, they are designed for classroom use, so might not be ideal for self-learning (I started out taking classes myself). Some people prefer the Minna no Nihongo textbooks - I’ve not tried them.


learn it wherever you can. Start with either an online or physical textbook. physical: Genki, Japanese from Zero, Minna no Nihongo, or digital: Tae Kim, 80/20 Japanese, tofugu(Wanikani) has some recommendations here

You can also go the video route with Japanese Ammo with Misa, or Cure Dolly like Radish mentioned.

as for reading, just find a manga, light novel, or anything you like, and try to start deciphering it. If you want something that tracks with your WK progress, try Satori Reader

anything and everything is basically my answer. If you want a little more set time frame, some people suggest waiting till lvl 10, so you know the most common kanji, and makes things easier, however, you can start well before then. I have.


Would you say by reading things, would it help my vocab expand becuase my vocab is little to none right now. Thanks also.

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Oh gosh that was terrifiying


I know, I agree :joy: but lots of people say that once you get used to it the videos are well worth it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reading will be very difficult if you know hardly any words, but it will also help you learn more words. I don’t think you can really start reading until you have some grammar under your belt though, and you’ll naturally pick up some vocabulary as you do that.

I’ve honestly never seen the logic behind waiting. It’s not as if the grammar resources are written entirely in Japanese. I’m also on team go for it!


definitely, learn vocab wherever you see it. hear a new word come up often watching some anime? look it up. You swear you’ve seen that same set of kanji(word) several times? What does it mean?

If you need some help, instead of using google translate(only useful for instant long documents), use It will help parse out sentences, and show you some grammar points, and the accompanying words.(don’t take it as gospel though)

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Sorry if I keep asking questions but whats ur opinion on learning Grammer with Duolingo?

It’s no problem.

I’ve never tried Duolingo for Japanese myself, but if you search the forums you’ll find a number of topics where people have discussed it. My impression is that people have a pretty low opinion of it. I think the grammar is presented fairly unsystematically, and with not enough explanation.


Yea, when I did it, I was just placing things in the order that the voice said them without knowing why they go there.


I will just weigh in here and say that you should stay far away from duolingo. Its a convenient app made to let you “feel” youre progressing, but it is incredibly inefficient at teaching you anything useful and honestly is just a waste of time.

Also, cure dolly is pretty weird, but the insight presented will save you from a lot of confusion later on.
Some people turn off the sound and turn on the subtitles, since all of the videos are subbed as far as i remember.
I got used to it pretty quickly myself but i also added subtitles tho i kept the sound on.

I can second Tae Kim’s grammar guide, but i also feel he could have done even better.
Ive read it, but im currently only doing Bunpro for grammar and will only ever (although rarely) use it for a quick lookup.

If you want a quick introduction to japanese grammar though, i really recommend familiarizing yourself with Japanese grammar wiki It doesnt take long to read through and serves as a pretty good overview of what youre getting into.

And when all is said and done, use the language as much as possible.
I read and listen to japanese radio daily and it has done so much for my comprehension


I dont know if you know German but the grammer is similar to past tense german.

I used Human Japanese 1 and 2 and it helped me get a good foundation. I also used Genki. I believe that Human Japanese has the first couple levels for free so you could try it and see. As a general recommendation, if you want to start helping your Japanese speaking I would read everything you can out loud. And if there is audio I would try reading along with them and try to match.

Regardless, best of luck!

Well, I personally tried Tae Kim before anything else and got too frustrated that I knew zero words and thus had to constantly check the vocab list, which hade it harder to focus on the actual grammar point being taught. Going back after having learned a bunch of basic vocab helped a lot

I’d say try it and see, you’ll feel if you’re ready or not. If not, come back in a few months and see if things have changed.

Same goes for reading… you can read the first few pages of most manga or books on the web.

Just check those once in a while and see when they start making any sense to you.

Personally I went from reading the sample sentences in the core6k deck -> graded readers -> manga/games -> novels.

Also note that the difficulty of both manga and novels can vary greatly, so when you’re a beginner you’ll probably need to look around a bit before you find something you can handle.

For the record I started with よつばと as my first manga and the No 6 series as my first novels.

Hope any if this helps!


Actually, personally my approach to grammar is basically to just get exposure and study vocab, and then study a bunch of grammar when I get frustrated that I don’t know enough grammar. Which has happened twice so far.

It worked well enough for me at least, so that’s a viable strategy as well.

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AKA the Duolingo method.
We learn our first language this way through immersion, pattern recognoption and mimicry until we go to school to get the formal education.