Upgrading to lifetime access after paying for 2 years

I don’t think I will finish all levels in less than 2 years (because I do not want to rush it). Having said that, I will pay on a month to month basis. Once I reach the 2 years, do we just do a small amount to upgrade to lifetime access? Or would I have to pay an additional $299 or $200 (when on sale)?

The price for Lifetime does not depend on how much you paid in monthly subscription. There’s only a deal for Lifetime for lvl 60 users AFAIK.


However, if you buy lifetime during a certain subscription, you get a discount in the shape of the remaining unused subscription.

So, say you had a year subscription of 120 (just for easy maths), and you still had 8 months of that left on it and buy the lifetime subscription, you will get an additional discount of 80 dollars on the lifetime subscription.

Therefore, if you have the money, I recommend you buy the year plan instead from now on.

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Hopefully it will be on sale for ~$200 at the end of the year. I rather just do lifetime right away.


It’s the cheapest if you get annual now and upgrade to Lifetime at sale.


It definitely will be, don’t worry about that.
But if you want to buy it at the end of the year, buying year now is much cheaper :wink: You basically pay the year rate for monthly.

Lol I know but I don’t want to pay $299 out of pocket right now. If I wait—and it turns our to be close to $200— then I would pay that + $96 for the months remaining until the end of the year ($9 a month is affordable). At the end I would end up paying around the same but I can’t afford to shell out $300 right now 🥲

Oh you meant pay for a year right now. It is still money that I rather space out in $9 a month (more affordable)

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I read the title and thought “hey, that’s what I did”

I only upgraded to Lifetime after 2 1/2 years … and which point I figured I might need that amount of time all over again, so upgrading during the winter sale made a lot of sense, haha.

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Too bad it wasn’t on sale when I started. And when it finally was I figured I’m not spending that long here, so I didn’t upgrade. Now I’m still on a timer. Maybe it’s not that bad though. I’m kinda lazy.

You’ll still get prorated for monthly if you buy lifetime, even during the yearly sale, but the most you’ll get off is the $9 monthly fee.

I was on monthly for a year and then bought annual in preparation for the yearly sale and I got prorated for the 6 months remaining on my annual.

Right, but that would be it depending on how long ago you bought the monthly subscription, not how much you paid (how many times you got monthly).

Aye that’s what I meant. So if you’re already on monthly, it’s best to get annual at the beginning of your renewal date but you’ll only get a single month discount.

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Are you saying that I would end up paying:

$40 + $120 (if on discount?) = $160 total?

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No you still pay full price for for the year, you don’t subtract the discount twice.
So you wuold be paying 120 for the year, and 200-80 for the lifetime. So 240 dollars.

Ok so imagine you go for a year subscription now (90 dollars), and buy lifetime in December (200 dollars). You won’t have used 4 of the 12 months you bought, so you get 30 of those 90 dollars you paid as a discount on your lifetime subscription. In the end you will have paid 260 dollars.

You pay for what you use basically. If you didn’t use part of what you used, you get your money back on that.

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I’m happy I got Lifetime last sale. I was debating, because I was on the way to easily finish within 2 years. Then I crashed and reset a few levels :smiley:

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