Free 2 months of a year subscription and upgrading to lifetime

I apoligize if someone already asked this (I couldn’t find anything when searching). I have a question regarding upgrading to lifetime after a one year subscription. As of writing this the one year subscription is 89.00 USD with a “free 2 months.” My question is, if I buy the one year subscription and decide to upgrade to lifetime before those 2 free months are up do I get the full 89.00 USD applied to the lifetime subscription or does the 89.00 USD start ticking down as soon as I buy it. Thank you for any feedback. I am curious as I really like Wanikani so far but would like to have a bit more time after level 3 to decide if I want to spend the full amount for lifetime.

It’s pro-rata, so it starts ticking down as soon as you buy it.

It’s not like you really get two months for free, it’s more like the price of each month is reduced, giving you the equivalent of two free months in the end. If you upgrade after two months, you have used 1/6th of your time, so 5/6 of 89$ are taken from the lifetime price.


The “2 months free” isn’t really two free months without payment, it’s just saying that compared to the monthly $9/month subscription rate, you’d essentially be getting two free months of savings by just going ahead and doing an annual subscription – so you pay the $89 up front

Some math to explain what I mean:
Monthly rate = $9

  • $9 x 12 months = $108 for a year

One year rate = $89

  • Compared to monthly rate–> $108 (monthly rate for a year) - $89 (annual rate) = $19

So you’re saving about 2 months worth in comparison to the monthly rate ($9 x 2 months = $18), so that’s why they’re saying “two months free”

So as soon as you subscribe to the annual rate, you pay the $89, and the amount you can put towards an upgrade to the lifetime will begin ticking down right away :money_with_wings:


Ah ok! That makes sense. Thank you for the feedback!


And there are often a sale on lifetime around Christmas =) (at 50% I believe)
So if you did go the one year way you could jump to life time during a sale =^_^=


I think it was a 33% discount on the lifetime :thinking:

From $299 → $199


It has been $100 cheaper every christmas I have been on this site (so last year XD I thought I was here for 2 but guess not).

Thanks for giving the exact numbers =)
I only knew it was substantial =^_^=

Personally I went for lifetime at full price at level 2 =P


So did I :sweat_smile:


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