Updates to Lessons, Reviews and Extra Study are live

Hi Jenny! Thank you for your quick reply!
So, it happens on all the Extra Study I’ve got available: Recent Mistakes and Burnt Items.

It doesn’t happen on Review Sessions. Can’t tell for the Lessons 'cause I don’t have any more to do (hence why I’m thrilled every time the pink Crabigator is back for me :blush:).

I’m on a Samsung, Android. Browser is Chrome, version: 111.0.5563.58.

I can try on Internet Samsung if you’d like as well.

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I love this app and I love the team behind it. I also really appreciate your effort to make this app better and better. But I really feel like this update didn’t hit the nail quite right.

Removing features like advancing via the “Enter” button is not good. I am not sure if you checked the usage of the keys but I feel like many people used it and are missing it now. I am unsure about the benefit of removing an extra key from a function like that and I would wish to have it back.

I also agree with most of the things other users already said about the update and I really wish that some of the changes that “removed features” will come back as toggles to enable/disable them.
I am a software developer myself and I understand that this is not what you wanna do because of many reasons, but users would highly appreciate it.

The highest priority of the app should be to not slow down or make the learning experience less enjoyable. But I feel like this update does this for many people.

EDIT: Actually I think most of the changes are fine once you get used to it. But one thing I do mind is the user scripts not working. Please for next time consider having something like /v1/api and /v2/api so script devs have time to upgrade.


I agree, the ui looks unbalanced and too many different colours are used. On the ipad the box is blue not black, this clashes horribly with the pink and purple backgrounds and distracts my mind from kanji study. They need to consult a publisher or graphic designer if they’re going to change the design. It looks clunky and half finished now. Nearly all my reviews are done on mobile devices and I’ve never had a problem.


This completely shattered my mobile workflow, when trying to check the correct answer now it scrolls down requiring an inconvenient scroll back up or another button press to close the drop down menu instead of just being able to click next after I’ve seen the information I need to see

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I loved the Summary page.
Not sure what bothers me more… that we lost this super helpful tool, or how jarring it feels when you abruptly go back to the home screen… It feels like the review session crashed! XD


Here’s to my user scripts not working anymore :slight_smile:

Still, big fan of user synonyms in lessons, and of no session timeouts. And the new Guru/Master etc icons look clean.

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I really hope that you are not actually using Waterfox G3.2.6.

That is a one and a half year old browser that was based on an edition of Firefox (ESR 78) that was sunset as of October 5, 2021. And as far as I can tell, G3.2.6 doesn’t even include the last set of security fixes for ESR 78 (released as 78.15), both of which were potential remote code excution vulnerabilities, but is instead based on the penultimate 78.14 release (see the about page in Waterfox). So your browser has had at least two known vulnerabilities for the majority of the time you’ve been using it, in addition to whatever vulnerabilities were discovered since October 5, 2021.

Never mind getting Wanikani to work in Waterfox G3.2.6, you should instead upgrade your browser ASAP and probably do a clean reinstall of your operating system while you’re at it.


Until this “update” gets unlaunched, Tsurukame will be the only adequate way of doing reviews for now.

[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews - WaniKani / API And Third-Party Apps - WaniKani Community


Just update to a new version please, PLEASE! For the sake of all of us developers that need to maintain compatibility with already more than ENOUGH browsers without having to think about a random deprecated version of a firefox fork. Not to mention the security risk YOU incur whenever you are using a potentially vulnerable piece of software that you use to access basically everything in your life.

Maintaining an old.wanikani.com is not free. It’s not just about UI when things get updated. Just because reddit can do it, it doesn’t mean any company can. Tofugu doesn’t have even remotely enough number of resources that would be needed to support a legacy version of the app.

Just please do everyone a favour and update your browser.


I would like to see two things brought back, both of which are important to Wanikani as a learning tool:

  1. The summary that used to appear at the end of a review session allows you to look up all the items you got wrong and work out why. e.g. which similar kanji did you confuse. This used to be so easy, as you could just right click on the items and open a new tab with the vocab item or kanji on it.
  2. At the time you get a vocab item’s meaning wrong, and click to look up the correct answer, you used to be able to scroll down to the kanji used in that vocab, and look those up (again, exploring similar kanji that you may have confused it with). Now that feature appears to be removed, and you only get the correct meaning, without the associate kanji.
    The return of this functionality would make a big difference to how easy it is to learn the kanji, and isn’t that what Wanikani is all about?

Thank you for the report @charlesaroutiounian. I believe you’re using Safari on iOS. Could you let me know your iPhone model and browser version? Thank you!

Hi. Thank you so much! Can you explain more how to use the Reviews summary page? Do i need to input my API right after i finish my reviews?

With less than 24 hours after this update, there are quite a few post saying that they are done with WK. Are people really this damn self absorbed that they just quit something they paid for if something is not 100% immediately done to fit their desires? Jenny has posted that she will post an update in a new thread today about the issues. She also stated that the reponses have been heard. Please give them a chance to respond.


I miss the summary page… Really liked seeing it after a huge amount of lessons.


Thank you for the change to time outs. I tend to do my reviews at work and I’m constantly timing out when i have to stop doing reviews because of job duties

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Why did you make vocabulary, kanji and radicals all different sizes and boldness in the review? This throws me off so much.


They hate their customers I think

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If you’ve paid for something, possibly to the tune of several $100, and invested years of your time into it, and suddenly there’s a seemingly arbitrary set of changes that completely break your workflow, then I don’t think they’re being entirely unreasonable.

It’s not that there asking to have their specific use-case catered to personally, they’d just rather not have the stuff they’ve paid for broken.


Summary pages

“We’ve removed the summary pages that used to be displayed before and after lessons, so you’ll now go straight to and from lessons and reviews from the dashboard and elsewhere. Most of the functionality of the summary pages is now covered by the Extra Study feature and dashboard counts, but we’ll keep an eye on this, and work on better ways to fill in gaps in functionality for those of you who were still using the summary pages.”

Why did you do this? It was really part of motivation if performing nicely/badly and get a check in the actual level of mistakes. I dont see where this actually is covered now (guess “elsewhere” is really “elsewhere”). It was also part of my decision to use this platform. If you think that some people dont like it, fine, but why not put it somewhere else then?

This is a perfect example for the urge to change somthing working nicely leads to having a loss of actual functionality.

If you like to change the appearance … ok …but pls. put these summaries then somewhere else. Like a tab “performance”.