Update on the Summary Pages

@ilaidz Not sure if it’s what you are looking for, but I made a script on this recently. [Userscript] Wanikani No Scroll


Someone please get started on that roadmap

It needs to be here yesterday

Even if the team misses the deadline, detailed knowledge of the feature list is already going to alleviate a lot of concerns/anxiety


Someone contact Maslow: his hierarchy of needs is due for an update.

In the physiological tier, we need to fit “WK summary pages” someplace between food and air. Probably above water, though.


Thanks for the update TofuguJenny.

Everyone seems to be laying into you all. Which is predictable since your users emotionally invest so much into this software and now they feel a bit betrayed and blindsided.

But to counter it, I wanted to say WaniKani is great still and I appreciate the software.

Things like the summary page issue happens from time to time in SAAS companies. It’s the not the issue that matters, it’s how the company responds. It’s too early to see what you will do, but I’m giving you all the benefit of the doubt.

I look forward to seeing the update!


Cheers for keeping us in the loop :slight_smile:

You are a wonderful human being!! Thank you for this script!! Hopefully future UI improvements will do away with the cumbersome, dizzying, slow, unnecessary, horrible scrolling issue. But for now – thanks again so, so much! Such an improvement!


I’m sure using a single UI page instead of three different ones makes it easier for developers, but not necessarily for the user. The pages in reviews and item info pages show mostly same information but satisfy different use cases, so maybe they need to to be different views of the same info. Good old “model-view-controller” paradigm.


I came here specifically looking for any updates on this.
I burned some items but couldn’t tell how many and miss being able to see where the items went after finishing.

I’ve also been struggling with some extra bad leeches and miss reviewing them after finishing. Goin over them once more helps squish them leeches.


Actually can I just confirm, is this summary pages for both reviews and lessons?

Yes this bothers me as well too. It gets kind of tedious opening each one individually.


I just don’t know why they didn’t work on this along with their update as leaving people without summary pages for weeks shows a lack of foresight. I have tsurukame app which gives me summary pages, but I would really like to have summary pages under the Extra Study section too.


Thank you!!

Thank you, I installed it, it’s not a perfect solution because it only works the first time I press F, but it’s a lot more than the Wanikani team has done for us, and also you did it for free and on your time, Thank you very much


By any chance, is there an ETA on this new Summary Review page?

And if I’m not mistaken, this makes it sound like the developers switched which code/programming language the bulk of the programming is being done with, because the “kids” in school these days aren’t being taught the older languages anymore, or something? (So it’s hard to expand with new hires?) Either that, or using outdated code just isn’t “hip” anymore? Mostly I am just curious about that, if that is what you mean. I can understand needing to expand… Though from what little I do understand of programmers and developers, don’t they usually enjoy learning new coding languages? If whatever the old base code was in the past wasn’t on their resumes, couldn’t an HR/hiring question be something like “would you be willing to learn X language?” Whether or not that’s on-the-job training (which yes, does take time and more money) or on the programmer’s time (self-development!).

Anyways, since I am neither an actual programmer myself, nor WK hiring staff, etc. … I’ll shut up now. But, anyways, that’s how your explanation sounds to me. Like perhaps that entire large update was really motivated by that need to hire new programmers who don’t know the languages/framework that WK was built on, so you all just scrapped it to make it easier on the new hires.

… >.>

Anyways… I’m still hoping and waiting. My pile of reviews is growing. Haven’t felt motivated to WK since the update last month or so ago.

EDIT: as far as an ETA goes, even something vague like “we’re hoping for it to be released mid-to-late June” or “it could be any time from July to November” would still be appreciated. Seriously. >.<;


Best Announcement this Month :smiley:
Waiting eagerly for the return of our Hero: Summary Page!

Glad to see this announcement. An acknowledgement that they’re listening is comforting.

Also glad to see users still holding out for something more tangible. Still disappointed with the lack of transparency. A post about why they did exactly what they did other than just “It will be better” would be even more comforting.

In the meantime, gonna keep learning Japanese, one way or another.


Let’s go!!! I’m so excited to see how the WK team is going to implement the new summary page!

Thanks for everything!

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it’s been nearly a month, do you have an ETA date for the new summary page? :slight_smile: