Upcoming Front-End Updates on WaniKani & Effect on Scripts

I think you’ll find most people who use scripts probably use at least one in lessons and/or reviews. Any script that actually manipulates the lesson/review content or order do so by hooking into $.jStorage. Keys like l/activeQueue, l/lessonQueue, etc. You can find a decent example of this for lessons in my Lesson Filter script.

As long as you still use that, the lesson and review scripts can probably still manage to work with some modifications. If you replace that with something that fully manages it internally (non-window functions), we’re in big trouble for those scripts, and I don’t think you’ll be happy with the blowback if literally all lesson/review scripts break and can’t be fixed.

If you decide to get rid of that for technical reasons, I highly recommend that you add public functions on window to allow scripts to get and set the lesson/review items. Even if you add more complex lesson/review ordering at a later date, I think allowing scripts to customize this would still be beneficial.