[Unsupported] Leech training script

Yeah, my github username is the same as here. https://github.com/someone972

Don’t blame you for not wanting to maintain it long-term; I’m glad you’ve gotten it back up and running though. Hopefully the community can keep these useful scripts alive even after the initial developer moves on to other things.

Accepted the github invitation and am set up on the repo. I see that there’s an environments tab which has wk-stats deployed, but I don’t see anything which will let me access the files on the server. If you have instructions on how to do that let me know. I don’t think github or wanikani have a private message system, so if there’s somewhere else I should be asking all these questions, let me know.

Is there any progress on this or can I just assume this script is dead for now?

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I never actually made any progress with it, and it mysteriously started working for me for a period so I forgot about trying to fix it. Maybe one of the more regular maintainers has some more info though.

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the script worked perfectly for me on a computer at home, but ever since I got a new laptop I’ve tried many times to get it running and I just can’t :confused:

I’m getting the empty circle too. Is there anything that can be done?

This script is no longer supported. You’ll want these 2 scripts instead:

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I’ve been using the unsupported script until the new wanikani dashboard was implemented. Now that it is gone, I came back here to discover the Self-Study Quiz has new options for quizzing leeches. It’s better than the original Leech Training script because it has customising options.

@rfindley, I can’t thank you enough for your efforts. It’s amazing work you do for us.


The access to this script is gone now, could this be updated?

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I’ll take a look. Hopefully have some time this weekend.


Give that a whirl, version 2.0 has been uploaded.


It’s very late in this time zone, I’ll try tomorrow :relaxed:

There’s a bug; it’ll only allow you to do one session and then it breaks. 2.1.0 coming later today, hopefully…


2.1.0 is released. It was also automatically close the quiz after a session.


Thanks @rosshendry. I thought this script was no longer supported because of the topic heading. Maybe this thread should be locked and you can start a new thread.

I confirm that the leech training script is working on Safari browser.


That seems sensible, no point in continuing to post in an “unsupported” thread.

New Leech Trainer! [Userscript] Leech training


It works perfectly! Thank you so much! Sorry for my late response. :sweat_smile:

I noticed that the api key in my local storage has the title “apiv2_key” rather than “apiKey_v2” which is referenced in this script in the get_api_key() function. It was causing an error in my console so I tracked it down to this script.

I’ve been using this script a lot recently and found it very helpful…but something seems off…or I’m making a mistake somehow…

when I get to Heart Shaped (stupid rendaku) always seem to forget after 4 months when it comes around to burn…but anyway … it won’t accept it and the entry field just bounces…

This is how I normally input to WK

Then if I deliberately type a wrong answer it does show the error:

But if you go back to the correct it still won’t proceed and bounces so I thought well let’s try katakana and hiragana and still same thing…

So it’s either somethings broken with this one particular item, the script or the idiot behind the keyboard :confused:…any one know what’s going on? how to fix?

Closing thread as it’s unsupported.

Seems like this is the new one.