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Anyone know if there is a plan to add more kanji to level 60 or introduce more levels in general? I know that wani kani doesn’t cover all of N1 kanji, but is there a plan to eventually reach that point?

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I’m not sure I understood your doubt.

If it’s pink then it’s asking for the kanji reading, and 母 (kanji) has:
はは and かあ
(The first one comes more naturally since it’s the same as the word, but the second is correct as well)
母 kanji

If it’s purple than it’s asking for the reading of the word 母. It has only one (as far as I now) which is the one listed on Wanikani: はは
母 vocabulary word

The お母さん word you listed has kana in it (the honorific お at the beginning and the さん at the end).
お母さん vocabulary word

So there’s no risk of confusing them. Same for 父(ちち)and お父さん (おとうさん). If it has kana it’s the second one, otherwise it’s the first.

If I misunderstood and you just meant you can’t remember which reading goes into which word, that’s another matter.

The simple answer is no, you can find more complete answers in the community forums but basically it comes down too: it would be meaningless, people lv60 know enough kanji as it is (whether they know enough words, that’s up to them and their non-WK studies), those kanji are rare or are used in too few words and you can learn them in context. More levels would just discourage the users. The reason why they don’t cover those kanji is intentional, it’s not that they didn’t have time.
And as far as I know JLPT is not really focused on Kanji (that would be Kanken). Finally, I believe you can pass N1 even if you are not lv 60 yet, let alone lv 70.

P.S: you may be interested in this:



Thanks for the reply! That clears everything up.

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Are you sure this isn’t a KaniWani question? KaniWani is NOT affiliated with WaniKani in any way.


i don’t think the faq should discourage studying (“pointless at best, and counterproductive at worst”). there is no way i would have gotten to level 8 without tons and tons of extracurricular studying. and i don’t mean japanese immersion watching anime or whatever i mean flash cards and review sheets, high school/college style studying of my apprentice items.


I understand your point about apprentice items - there’s even cram third-party WK tools like BishBashBosh.

However, I believe the intention was especially for items above the passing point (“Guru”)

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