Unlearned kanji in earlier level


I am currently at level 29, but after the kanji overhaul, I found that some kanji have moved between levels, which caused a few kanji of future levels to be moved into previous levels. An example is given in the image below.

I’m talking about the fourth kanji on the right in the second row, named “I”.
will I ever get this kanji? This seems like a problem that might snowball into not knowing a lot of vocabulary later on.

Edit: With the new wkstats website, I found that there is a lot of stuff that I didn’t learn in previous levels now.


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As long as you’ve learned its radicals, it should show up in your lesson queue like any other kanji.

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Oh wait, will these just show up when I reach guru on the radicals?

That’s how it should work, yes.

Of course, thanks for the help!

Adding to what @seanblue said, the kanji “僕” is only used in the vocab “僕”, so you won’t get any snowballing from that.

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