Kanji in Wrong Level

Hi guys, so 2 days ago (I think), after learning all Kanji for my level (level 8) I got 2 more lessons with 2 more Kanji. Today, I went to check my stats and a realized the Kanji that showed up in my lessons was far from my level:

Also, some kanji that I already did, are tagged on WaniKani Stats as “Not learned”:


What does that means?
Thank you for reading !

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During recent content overhaul, some kanji got moved between levels, but wkstats apparently hasn’t been updated to reflect that yet.

Oh I see, thank you!

Use the newer version of wkstats.com (https://www.wkstats.com:10001/). It’s not 100% done yet, but it should handle moved items without any problem.


Thank you very much!

Not sure if this is related but I just moved up to level 12 and noticed that one or two kanji are already moved to guru section. Turns out that one or two kanji have changed levels. Intentional or bug?

i emailed WK when I found some inconsistencies and was told that it is intentional that kanji and vocabulary got moved around to different levels. Not sure why that would need to be done but it was intentional.
I’m only on level 07 but I was keeping meticulous alphabetical handwritten notes by level, but now I must give them up. My moderate OCD requires it.

Thanks bud. I do the same thing (keeping a note of everything by level)…

this has unfortunately thrown a monkeywrench into that…
I’m now trying to just do the lessons and reviews without taking notes. It was really time consuming I suppose, but it was very helpful to be handwriting the kanji/vocab.

I need to find another routine to do that

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How about just copy and paste into a text file? Here’s an example of what I did:

運命 Fate うんめい Destiny
命令 Order めいれい Command
注意 Caution ちゅうい Attention
意見 Opinion いけん View

That works, but for many people, learning how to handwrite kanji/Chinese characters is the best way to really memorize them.

WK helps me with reading kanji and recognizing/knowing them when I read or see them, but when it comes to thinking of a word and immediately knowing the kanji and the strokes and seeing it super clearly in my mind, nothing beats sitting down to write them out stroke by stroke.

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I was doing it all by hand…


ah, I remember when I used to do that, good memories. Did it until like level 30ish, then the amount of content gets so overwhelming doing that every level can drive you crazy. That plus the need to distribute your time correctly between all the resources you should be using other than WaniKani.


Wow, great handwriting. I guess from practice. When I try to hand write kanji, or even hiragana, it’s a total mess! (and I’ve known hiragana for almost ten years!)

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i am realizing the time commitment, so maybe it’s a good thing that I’m forced to leave it.
I should spend that time learning other things like grammar and other self-study practices

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Thanks! I’ve been an animator for over 20 years, so I’m used to drawing. I see the kanji as pictures, which is one of the things that draws me to learning Japanese

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That would be good, perhaps this could be a good oportunity to start doing other stuff. Soon you’ll have to start practicing your reading skills too (WaniKani Guide recommends to start reading by level 11).

I have started reading at a very basic level. I went to the Japan Foundation library here in Toronto and took out a few kid level stories.
I realized that I could read ハチの話し and understand it!!

It helps that I was familiar with the story, but regardless, it was a boost to my confidence!

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Haha, kid level stories are great. I’m sure most of us started that way, it sure makes you feel great being able to understand stories in japanese. I’m glad to hear you are already reading, to be honest I didn’t have a consistent reading schedule until I finished with WaniKani. Hope you continue like that. Eventually reading can seem pretty overwhelming but if you stick with it it’s really rewarding.

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