Unknown phone number seems to be tied to my account

Hey everyone,

I was thinking about upgrading to a premium subscription and had a look at the checkout when I noticed that a phone number I don’t recognise seems to be tied to my email address.

I’ve already let support know but given that I won’t get a response for a few hours, I thought I should ask here whether this a sign that my account has been compromised in some shape or form or not.

If this isn’t the right category, I apologise and please let me know (never been here before so please bear with me).

Thanks a ton!


Just an update - it looks like for some reason now, if I click on “Log in” next to my email on that page, this no longer appears. The hyperlink disappears momentarily and then comes back (but functionally, this pop-up no longer appears). Perhaps this was a bug on Stripe’s end?

Another update - I created another account to try see if this was normal or not, but bizarrely, this new account I just created does not also experience this. I want to upgrade, but I’m concerned about this odd link.

Additionally, other sites using Stripe Checkout also do this. I’m not sure how a strange phone number got tied to my email address given that I have never used Stripe Checkout before, not to mention that my email isn’t exactly generic.

For now, I’ve just decided to change the email associated with WaniKani to another one so I can pay with a peace of mind (definitely an abundance of caution), but I’m definitely curious as to what is causing this (looks to be on Stripe’s end).


You should send a email at hello@wanikani.com to notify the staff.

Out of curiosity is +6 the correct country?

Already did, but I decided to close the case prematurely as I doubt there is much they can do about it (this unknown phone number also appears on other Stripe Checkouts on other websites; therefore it’s probably a Stripe thing).

It is, actually.

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