We’ve Updated Our Billing Emails

We’re working on a few updates to the subscription and billing pages. As part of that, we’ve decided to have our payment processor, Stripe, deliver the emails related to, well, payments. We’ve been using them to deliver our receipts for a while, so the emails should look familiar.

For upcoming billing reminders, expiring card reminders, and failed payment notifications, you’ll see emails that look like these:

Renewal Reminder

Expiring Card Notification

Failed Payment Notification

There are some changes to credit card processing happening in Europe, specifically, supporting strong customer authentication. For any transactions that require your approval while you’re away from WaniKani, you might also get some email notifications prompting you to take some action. Those are from us, even though the confirmation is going to happen on Stripe’s website. The whole process will look something like this:

If you have any questions, let us know. If you ever get an email about WaniKani that looks phishy, feel free to reach out to hello@wanikani.com, so we can make sure everything is A-OK.



A bit off topic, but do these coming updates include explicit paypal options?


Not for now. It’s something we’ve been tossing around for a while and something we definitely want to do. But. The engineering effort is considerable, at least to make it a nice experience and work reliably for subscriptions.

So, it’s on our list, we’re making incremental changes to support it, and we’ll make a big announcement when we get there.


Sounds good, thanks!

It’s a beautiful and informative template. Will be a while before I see it though, so thanks for previewing here. :grimacing::hugs:

Billing emails? :joy:

*Laughs in Lifetime account *


You laugh. But when the billing email comes for us lifetimers, it will be wearing a robe and carrying a sickle.


I’m home alone, darkness descends… Is it the Crabigator Shinigami coming to pass judgement on my poor lifetimer soul?


What would the Crabigator’s bankai be?


I just got an an unsuccessful payment reminder (I fixed it) and I kind of prefer the way that looks over these new templates. The sad looking crabigator holding a big X is quite cute and I thought it matched the personality of the site.



He will be even sadder now he has been retired from the email :disappointed:


A water turtle perhaps? It might explain why we of Sect Turtles give our tribute in burned turtles?
Oh, the mysteries of the great Crabigator!

Taking my money in style.



What about us lifetime supporters, do we also get to see the flashy new email once? :sunglasses:


The turtles is based on a theory that some kanji got their form from the cracks on the shells of burned turtles

Can we please get an option to close these banners with an X button?
This update doesn’t even affect lifetime subscribers, but it’s still going to be stuck on our homepage for however many weeks it’s going to be up… it’s really obnoxious.

I’m tempted to just block the element with uBlock Origin, but then I might not be alerted of a different update later that I’d actually want to know about.

Edit: Blocked it :man_shrugging:


Oh, right, I remember reading that. Had almost forgotten it :blush:
But who burned the very first turtle, and why?

Would you mind telling me how to block it? It’s getting annoying for me as well. Still a free user, I plan to go premium, but I’ve seen this banner now multiple times, I got it ;___;

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I have a script for this, if anyone’s interested