Unable to see burned information on homepage

Basically what the title says, I am on 100% zoom on the homepage, and although I can view the information by scrolling the page sideways, I feel like it should be visible without needing to.

EDIT: An important note I forgot to mention that although my browser is at 100%, my WINDOWS zoom setting is 125%


Tagging @arlo. I think that’s the right person to flag :smiley: (please correct me if I’m wrong)

If I may propose a solution, I think replacing the number of items (eg 200 guru) with the stats (12 rad, 130 kanji, 58 vocab) would be an elegant way.

Your suggestion is a redisgn issue, which can take a long time to discuss. What you posted about above is an outright bug, so it’s likely to be fixed soonish.


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