Burned item counter tab cut off

The burned tab when hovered over with the mouse cuts off the page.
I found a previous thread on it here but I am not zoomed in/out and it still doesn’t appear to have been fixed?


I hadn’t noticed (I guess I’m not as concerned about those items) but, yes, at 100% on a wide-screen monitor I get the same; I need to go down to 90% to have them fit.

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I don’t have this bug using Firefox; the burned tab hovers to the left of my screen, not the right. Could it be one of your userscripts?

No, I’ve seen it on desktop Safari with no userscripts enabled. Interestingly, Mobile Safari gives you a horizontal scroll bar so you can see the whole popup.

Don’t think so, I tried it with them all turned off.

It doesn’t make any difference. It seems to be some sort of fixed-width assumption, though I guess I didn’t notice but also on desktop Safari I then get a horizontal scrollbar as well when the popup window gets cut off. But if I do a single zoom in action like mentioned above, the box gets displayed to the left so it’s no longer cut off.

I wonder if there’s a CSS media query at play here that is incorrect causing the issue.

Oh you’re right. But I don’t want to zoom in just for this.

The other thing you can do is just resize the browser window down until it also goes to the left. This is why I’m convinced it’s some sort of CSS media query issue. After I shrink my browser window only slightly it has the same effect as the zoom. As soon as I shrink the window such that the body is only around 1508 pixels that seems to be the point where the popup goes off to the left.

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And it’s still not fixed? Well I guess it’s not crucial and they’ve got other things they’re working on.

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