Change of the hover text

Hi all! This is my first time posting something like this so if anyone has any suggestions/wants to further edit my photos go right ahead!

As you can probably guess by the title, I want to propose a change to the dashboard (What?!?! So soon after the great redesign??) The reason for this is I recently came across a bug on my laptop: Unable to see burned information on homepage - #5

Which made the desktop appear like this:

Formatting error

That got me thinking more about the hover text, as it stands, it’s kinda intrusive and more importantly blocks off the information of the block next to it!

Current hover box

My proposed solution is this:

Proposed change

It keeps the information in the box, and is still readable. It also avoids that formatting bug which is nice! (Side note: The WK team is aware and is currently working on fixing it regardless)

I realize this is just a cosmetic change more than anything, but I’m interested to see what the community thinks about it.


Shameless plug:
If you want to avoid hovering for those details:


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