Burned Items Hover-Window "cut off"

This is technically not a bug, but certainly not a feature.
When I hover with my mouse over the “Burned” rectanlge, a little window pops up (as for all the other categories). The thing is; for the “Burned” rectangle, the window extends beyond my browser’s window (the right part of this window is cut off by my browser). This “problem” also exists on the preview version of Wanikani.
It would be nice if you could make the window go on the left instead of the right side of the “Burned” rectangle, or something like that. I’m sorry to be fussy and all with this little detail (look at my name :wink: ).
I also know that you can scroll the page horizontally with the directional keys to see the rest of the window, but anyway…

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Have you zoomed out of the page? Like… Ctrl+MouseWheelDown zoomed out?

If that’s the case then going back to the original size should do it. Alternatively, I guess you could zoom out even further so you can actually see the box :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I have not zoomed out. But when I zoom out (90% -> Chrome), I can see it all! It’s kinda a solution, so thanks!

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I’d say it’s a UX bug. IMO that should pop up on the left instead. I suggest you send an email to them


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