I begin to work full time, how should I do Wanikani in an effective way?

Hi, so I will be working full-time next week. I’m afraid that I can’t keep up with my wanikani reviews. Anyone who has experience could share some tips with me? Thanks!


Stop doing lessons until the number of daily reviews drops enough, then start doing lessons again but more slowly.


I’m sorry, but you’ll have to quit your job.


If you can do reviews during lunch break, then you can just do lessons in the morning and have no care in the world.

But if you can do reviews only in the morning/in the evening, then you could do the lessons in the evening and have the first review before bed (after 4h), the second in the morning (after 8h), and the third the next morning (after 1d), then the next review is after 2d, and so on.
Good luck!


I stick to a schedule where I only have to do reviews once during the day at work. Depending on what you’re doing for work this might be hard to do.

For me, I work 11:30 am - 8:00 pm with a half hour drive each way. I do reviews in the morning at 10:00 am after doing all my morning tasks like getting in a work out, showering and getting ready, feeding the cats, packing my lunch and so on. I also do lessons at this time, though lately since my burn reviews started to hit I haven’t had time to get in lessons every day (partially also do to some meetings scheduled early that mean I have to leave at 10:30 instead of 11:00 to catch them). This is slowing my leveling at the moment, but I kind of have to deal with it.

Doing lessons between 10:00 and 11:00 means my first review session for those needs to be done between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. I have a recurring 15 minute appointment on my calendar for this and can usually sneak in a “break” to do this and my coworkers have gotten used to seeing me do this. With one of the apps, I could do this on my phone if I had to, but I currently work in IT so I’m at a computer all day anyway and WK isn’t blocked by my employer. Sometimes I have to skip it due to a meeting, but that’s fairly rare. If I didn’t have time for lessons in the morning and can squeeze in time, I could also do lessons during the 6:00 pm hour without messing up my schedule. If I happen to be on my meal break, I try to do this but I’m the only one left in the office at this time so that doesn’t always work out.

After that, I do my final reviews for the day between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm. If I can keep up with 20 - 30 lessons a day I can level doing this in 8-9 days usually, but the burn reviews have added quite a bit to my AM review/lesson session so my last level and this one are going to be much slower at about 12 days.

This might be more detail about my personal routine than you need, but this is how I manage to keep up a relatively steady level pace recently while working full-time, being a single parent, and handling all the rest of the nonsense that life requires. Hope it helps! Your times may need to be different, of course, depending on your work schedule.


I work full-time and I do reviews in the morning, when I come home and before bed (at least). It’s manageable, don’t worry!


Well, it depends on what other things you have going on. For example, do you have kids? Pets? A part-time job in addition to the full-time one?

I have a full-time gig but beyond that not a lot of responsibilities beyond keeping myself fed and clothed and my limited social calendar. I usually work on reviews or lessons during my breaks and lunch break at work, and then in the evenings in between whatever else I’m doing (laundry, making dinner, cleaning, etc.) I can’t really speak with any expertise since I’m only on level 3, but so far it seems to work just fine. :slight_smile:

I work full-time as well. ~10-15 minutes in the morning, and 20-30 in the evening before bed seems to be enough to do lessons in ~10 days each. The anki mode script really sped up my reviews as well, just be careful not to abuse it. I also use an SRS reorder script which orders my reviews in ascending SRS order. That way, even if I get stuck late at work or something, and only have maybe 10 minutes before bed, I am always making progress on my current level.

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Real answer: Just try to clear out your queue once a day. Try to keep your apprentice queue as close to 100 as possible (maybe going a bit higher to get all the new kanji in right away upon level up), doing or leaving new lessons as necessary. You’ll still make steady progress. That’s been my approach basically since the start.

Quit your… oh that joke’s been done? Okay.

My routine is to hit my reviews first thing in the morning, then again at lunchtime if I’m able, then anytime in the evening (usually dinnertime but sometimes not until I’m in bed). As others mentioned, maintaining a relatively low number of apprentice items is key to keeping reviews under control. If you’re getting overwhelmed, do fewer lessons until the average number of reviews a day is comfortable. If that means progressing more slowly, that’s alright. That’s much better than burning out and not doing any reviews.


Depends on where you work, I do computer repair and have more freedom to pull this off. I have tsurukame on my phone and I try to do 10+ reviews every hour just to get though some.
I in general try to wakeup early to do a morning jog, at this time I do lessons right before going to work.
I just started doing the reviews during work,I used to wait until at night which sucked, hated doing 100 reviews at 11pm.

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I didnt know there was such a script. Really curious now why you would be paying from wanikani when you can just get a kanji deck for anki and just learn kanji that way lol.
I havent used that script but does sound little silly

It’s managaeable. 40-60 reviews is around 10-15 minutes. Lesson for new radical will take a bit longer. I have an 8AM-5PM work and my reviews are either after I came home at 6PM or before I go to work at 7AM. If I have enough time, I’ll try to peek during lunch if there are reviews.

Hm… to each their own :wink: I like the anki flash-card method, but kept finding myself coming back to WK for the UI, community, and gamification of it all. So, I found a good balance that works for me.

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I work full time and do WK on my morning commute, during lunch, and sometimes I just take a break from work and see if I have reviews available. Not too hard to find time tbh, just prioritize it.

I’m full time. I do WK on train ride into work with the Tsurukame app. Review again at lunch, then again on the way home and then another in the evening. New level days are tricky but try to fit it. Try to do the KaniWani too but at a slower pace along with whatever other materials I’m working on after work.

You gotta cram them in, dude. Whenever you can. Review in the morning. Reviews on the way to work. Reviews at lunch. Reviews in the bathroom. During work if you’ve got the nerve (jk jk don’t tell your boss you were skiving off because of a random girl online). Sometimes I set alarms for the middle of the night to do them.

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On commute to & from work I do reviews, which is about one hour of time for reviews. When I’m home sometime in the evening, I do my lessons. I did it everyday so far and it’s been working well - I didn’t really do anything productive on my commutes before so it’s great!
Sometimes I’ll also cram in a few reviews at work, but you probably shouldn’t do that if you just started :smiley:

aanhile, you’ve got lots of helpful answers already so either way it’s probably fine, but it’s not clear to me what your concern is specifically - are you just worried about the overall time your reviews are going to take, or are you worried about the schedule?

Hi cute Radish friend, I think I’ve figured out some scenarios to do the wanikani reviews. First I would just try to focus mainly on reviews. When I can make sure the due reviews for everyday is low enough I would start to learn Kanjis like I would do normally. In a nutshell, my time to level up would be slower but at least I can still keep up with words I’ve learned and make some progress.

There is one problem that I can’t be at the right time for every review sessions, either it would be late of the day or in early morning (my commuting is about 30mins I think I can use that time if I’m not very sleepy, and I have car sick well in my country not all people use cars so car sickness is a problem lol).