Tsurukame app stuck in katakana


Not sure if this is the right place because I know this isn’t an official app, but wondering if anyone else has dealt with the issue.

Tsurukame is stuck in katakana for kanji (not vocab?). All kanji readings are displayed in katakana rather than hiragana. When typing the answer for a kanji it always corrects it to katakana no matter if I use kana keyboard, romaji keyboard or English keyboard.

This is only affecting my iPhone tsurukame app. iPad and iPhone web browser are displaying normally. It also doesn’t affect vocab. Just kanji. All kanji.

Anyone seen this before?

I’m guessing the right place would be in this thread:

In your settings, you probably have the option to make on’yomi readings appear as katakana, which will affect a lot of your kanji reviews. If you don’t want that, just uncheck it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you! Not sure when that got checked but that’s it. I actually might leave it on for a bit to get more used to katakana.

Much thanks.

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