Tsurukame iOS App Bug

My Tsurukame iOS App freezes up (cannot perform lessons) during this particular lesson preference and scenario.

  1. Lesson order Vocab, Radical, Kanji

Works fine during beginning of new level.
All available Vocab are given in lessons
Then, all Radicals
Then, all available Kanji

After this is where the problem occurs.

Once several (not all) of the initial available Kanji are Guru’d, new Vocab are released.

  1. The Tsurukame algorithm has trouble jumping from being in the middle of doing Kanji to allowing the new Vocab lessons to be started if Kanji are still available.

I restarted my phone, made sure all iOS updates were installed and App still froze as soon as I tried to do lessons.

I finally solved it by doing a batch of lessons in actual Wanikani.

Then, Tsurukame worked just fine. New vocab items were accessible in lessons.

I’m probably only one of very few learners who will experience this. I would say that the vast majority of people, once they get to Kanji, want to do all the available Kanji they have. In other words, the name of the game is level up. That’s not me.

I want to do all Vocab that is available (and head back to Vocab whenever new Vocab is available, then the same with Radicals and then Kanji in that order.)

Hey Kimo! It may be better to post your issue in the Tsurukame thread! There have been issues with Tsurukame freezing up and it looks like they are working on some fixes for it. I am not sure if your issue is the exact same, but it may be worth asking about it there.

-Nick at WK


I did a rudimentary search for Tsurukame freezing up and didn’t find anything, so I posted in the appropriate category which is “Third Party Apps”, so I don’t accept your attempt to throw shade on me for apparently creating spam when that was not my intention nor the reality. This is a Third Party App issue, so that’s where I’m posting it. There are many Tsurukame threads, not just the one you’re suggesting as a warden that I “should have” been posting in.

One thing I do appreciate about your post is that you’re recognizing there is an issue with the App freezing up, not just a personal preference mix-up of Radical, Kanji, and Vocab. The app simply freezes up.

The more reviews I’m getting, I’m noticing the issue is with certain cards. する (to do), for instance, causes a freeze up. Kind of ironic that “to do” is causing a “do loop”.

Yes, but more specifically, it’s a Tsurukame issue, so why not post in the more specific Tsurukame thread as suggested? I don’t see any shade being thrown - it is better to post in the Tsurukame thread, because that’s where the guys who keep Tsurukame updated are more likely to see it. Noone said you’re creating spam. It’s more beneficial for you.


I’d rather be a big fish in a little pond than a small fish in a big pond.

I’m confident that the Tsurukame developer(s) will chance upon this thread.
And guess what, this thread is all about my issue.

I could post on the thread with 1082 posts, but my post could easily be lost in oblivion there. If there are that many issues with the app, one more won’t matter.

But if I did maybe I could go to sleep at night knowing for sure that I made everyone happy posting in the thread that they told me to.

Given they don’t frequent the forum, that seems unlikely. You know what would increase your chances? Posting in a thread they get notifications on because they made it - the actual thread for the app.

1082 posts over a long period of time. Like a dozen posts in the last five days - hardly oblivion.

If you’d posted on there you might have actually noticed the comments saying there’s known issues and to try the TestPilot build instead.


Hey @Kimo, sorry for the trouble about Tsurukame.
(Thanks @WaniConti for stepping so quickly in and forwarding to the Tsurukame thread!)

I’ll explain the situation about Tsurukame below, but first

Where to post Tsurukame issues

Me as an example, I have only turned on notifications for the Tsurukame thread. Basically, whenever you post a question there I get an email, but creating this thread I do not and likely oversee it (in fact, I just saw it now 10 hours later because somebody told me…). Luckily, in the Tsurukame developer thread there’s a lot of helpful durtles that try to answer every concern, and I don’t think there have been cases where a question got overlooked yet :slight_smile: It’s also easier for the Tsurukame developers to track issues at a central location.

Regarding your issue

The bug is known and has been already fixed in the latest version. Very unfortunately, however, the update got rejected by Apple during the AppStore review. :sweat_smile:
davidsansome is currently doing all he can so that Apple makes a re-review of the update. But that might still take a while.

If you cannot wait for the update to be released on the AppStore, you can already install it using Apple’s TestFlight system:

:warning: WARNING: Don’t install TestFlight builds carelessly. A malicious developer could do all kinds of stuff, so you should only install TestFlight builds if you trust the developer. In a general sense, also be advised that TestFlight builds are more likely to have bugs.

The other option is to just wait and do reviews in the meantime on the official WaniKani webpage.
If there is more issues regarding Tsurukame, please let the developers know in the Tsurukame thread :slight_smile: