Are there other ways to pay?

I am in a bit of trouble.
I’ve been learning with WaniKani for a few weeks now and currently somewhere in the second level. I really like WaniKani and do think I learned many things. So I decided that I would love to subscribe so that I can get trough all the levels. My only problem is, I don’t have any of the requested payment methods. I do think I would be able to pay but not in this way as requested. Does anyone have an idea what I can do or do I have to wait till I am able to pay in the requested way?
Thanks :blush:

Email them at and they can discuss other payment methods.

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thank you for our help, I’ll send them an e-mail right away :grin:

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Just, uh, quite what are you suggesting here. I don’t think Koichi’s that sort of guy (although I did hear he’ll pay good money to have someone shout “HADOUKEN” at his groin).


Yeah what Leebo said, though from my experience they only accept PayPal (and maybe other payments) for the 1 Year and Lifetime plans.

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ok thank you I already send them an e-mail so we’ll see if you want to i could write some updates on this post. :slightly_smiling_face:


okay thank you still I’ll tr and I send an e-mail. Have a nice day

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You still get the first 3 levels for free, so there’s no need to subscribe just yet

OK thank you, I will write again if I’ve got the same problem when I did
all the free levels.
Yours Todde

They’ll let you do Paypal if you email them. They’ll take care of you.

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Aww what, I want Koichi to take care of me too


Probably the easiest thing you can do is go to a grocery or retail store and buy a one-time use Visa card, and pay for WK with that.


I pay for my lifetime membership by washing dirty dishes at Tofugu’s office. No PayPal account required.


Even Koichi has been down that road.



babies are not real

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It’ll get to him. He’ll take care of you.


The do you have any idea which ones they’ll accept?

Thank you, my only problem is I am not sure what to write.And my ways to pay a very limited I can’t even get an PayPal account… (too young) though I guess I can afford those one time use Visas someone else suggested

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club according to Stripe (the service through which WK processes payment)'s website. So, pretty much anything.

Get your parents/family to pay for it, it’s like $3.5 USD per month, I’m sure they would be supportive of learning a new language, most parents are in my experience.