Subscription Payment Options

So, I am currently on an annual subscription which I was able to pay for via a PayPal invoice by contacting support. I had hoped to be able to use the opportunity of the current sale to upgrade to a lifetime subscription, but was told by support, that unfortunately they can “no longer support PayPal as a payment option in the US and Europe”. I respect their decision, however for someone who doesn’t want to establish a credit card for this one payment and because I wouldn’t ever need to use one otherwise (living in germany), is there any other solution to this?

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There’s some information on the subscription page:

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I believe the only viable solution in this case would be to pay using any of the debit cards you currently posess.

If you don’t want to pay using your primary card, having one for online payments honestly wouldn’t be a bad idea - even if you normally use PayPal for everything.

Since you’ve already been in contact with the team, the only available options besides simply getting yourself a credit card, is to use the options @Redglare dug up for you. You should mark their comment as the solution to this thread, imo.