Translation of [海馬] (not the obvious answer;lyrics context)

Really hoping someone can help we out with this because it’s driving me crazy.

I’m actually asking this based on a song (Seafloor / Quell) which has the following line:


and is always translated as
“let’s go and sleep In a place where no one can bother us”

which generally would make sense. If not for the seahorse at the end which is not translated.
(It’s not a typo, official lyrics and they are singing it as well) The song is NOT about any underwater animals, they do not sing TO a seahorse. In short: a seahorse would make no sense whatsoever with the remaining part.

It’s driving me nuts and I can’t even listen to the song anymore. Has anyone a more suitable explanation for this random seahorse? is it maybe a fixed phrase I do not know about?

I really appreciate any idea or translation → I could find 海馬 only as other (similar) animals, but nothing which would help me.

Source of lyrics: Seafloor | Tsukipro Wiki | Fandom

Thanks so much T-T

In the English translation both




are translated as

In a place where no one can bother us

It seems to me that they just decided to leave out the seahorse, not that it isn’t included in the correct translation. 誰にも邪魔されない場所で眠る qualifies 海馬 here, so I would translate it as

A seahorse sleeping in a place where no one can bother it


Okay thank you :slight_smile: It’s still a little awkward to have a seahorse suddlenly coming in but I guess it can’t be helped :wink: (i hoped it was a fixed expression ha ha)

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