Translation Help with item from Miyajima?


I bought this for my parents from what I think was called the “Happy Store” on Miyajima a couple of years ago. Can anyone help me understand what it says? ありがとう!


It says


あなた - you
居る - exist
から - because
しあわせ - happy

Because you are here
I am happy


Thank you very much :joy:


Now, translating this

to this

is something I could do easily. However, translating this

to this

is something I couldn’t do at all… :sweat_smile:
:+1: to @Kumirei さん


I was able to read and understand all except the kanji, that one I couldn’t see what was
Now that I know I can see it, but handwriting sure is hard!


lol how could you decipher those hieroglyphs :sweat_smile:


How charming. I wish someone would say that to me. :’)


I’m sorry, but by “that” - do you mean



If it’s the former - then just keep up the good work - and you’ll hear it many times.

If it’s the latter - well, we are happy because you are here! For one thing, you are the one who started the Intermediate Japanese Book Club :+1:


For some reason when I was scrolling past this thread I saw “Miyajima” as “Marijuana” and did a double take lol…I’m somewhat ashamed…


haha I meant what Kumirei said :joy:

And thank you very much :blush: