Am I missing something grammar wise?

Hey there, I recently started playing the original phantasy star in all hiragana with a slow slog though the intro cutscene to start. My first struggle moment was this (for reference “RASHIKU” is a character name, “Lasic” in the english translation)

From previous context I know the guards are yelling at the man for “Sniffing around in Lasic’s affairs” but it’s “Kosokosoto kagimawariyagatte” that confuses me. All I could get from it was “Sneakily Sniffing” and left confused by something belonging to Lasic “RASHIKU-sama no-” The last line I understood a tad better getting the gist of the guards telling him to stay submissive (under Lasic)

My second point of confusion was the last scene where I could only jumble this together (ARISE is the pictured character’s name and the man on the ground previously is her brother) “I won’t let your (niisan) death (or life) go in vain” “I know you’ll always watch over me brother” So where exactly does “tatakaini” fit in? Is she saying “I will fight” in response to not letting him die in vain? Sorry for the long as a ladder post @.@ feel like this is basic grammar I’m missing

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かぎまわりやがって breaks down like this

嗅ぎ回る to sniff around, to snoop around
やがる auxiliary that expresses contempt for an action

For たたかいにいきます, the stem of a verb plus に plus a movement verb means “to go / come for the purpose of _____”. So this means to go somewhere for the purpose of battling.

話しに来る to come to talk
会いに行く to go to meet


Thanks! That first line makes a bit more sense with the added context of “yagaru” I kept clumping it as part of the verb!

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