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I was gonna ask om short grammar questions but… This isn’t really short. Long story short a friend asked me if I could try to translate a small prose text to Japanese. Told them I could try but wouldn’t be super accurate since I’m still a beginner + relying on resources to piece stuff together. Here’s the result:

不思議な声 | 始まりの台地

どこからか 美しい女性の声が聞こえてきた
シーカーストーンの マップに示された場所へ

目覚めたときに手に入れた この不思議な板は
初めて見たはずなのに 懐かしい気持ちがする…

Original text:
Mystical Voice | Great Plateau

Somewhere, I’d heard a beautiful feminine voice,
she’d told me to follow the location marked on the sheikah stone’s map.
Maybe I should go there…

Even though this should’ve been the first time I saw it since my awakening, a wave of nostalgia came over me as the slate entered my hand.

Is there anything wrong with my translation? Tried to do my best but I feel like some things aren’t correct

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Seems pretty good to me.

How did you get to “great plateau”, though?

始まりの台地 The plateau of the beginning.

Also you didn’t translate the last sentence.

What do you think doesn’t feel correct?

Edit: pretty good for a beginner, by the way.

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Thats just the great plateau’s japanese name, at least thats what the wiki says!

Damn I knew i forgot something LMAO that’s what you get for being lost in the sauce.

I guess I just didnt know if I was recreating the original’s tone correctly, or making a grammatical error trying to do so. Plus the fact I spent around 40 minutes with it, so I’m a bit tired and wanted to check for any errors that i’m too foggy to notice

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Maybe “strange voice” and “seeker stone”?

Oh, haha. Seeker instead of sheikah, but isn’t sheikah some Zelda thing?

I agree with ふしぎ, though.
Mysterious or strange.


Honestly no idea… laugh

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Sheikah is a legend of zelda thing yeah, I get your confusion though, maybe i should have clarified

Thank you all for the input!

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I recently learned 神秘的. That might work too. 不思議 feels more like mysterious than mystical to me. Though I think 神秘的 is mostly just a stronger / slightly nuanced version of 不思議 anyway.


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