Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary


@Rakantor Thank you very much for your effort and releasing this SRS Learning application as promised. I really appreciate that. Will there be any possibility that Torii will be released in IOS too?


I guess the problem would be to steal audio or sentences, but you can’t really steal words…


Downloaded and got through my first 50 and WOW I’m excited to keep using this. I did run into the same issue as another user with the synonyms not being accepted as soon as they were added, but for being so soon after the release, Torii seems really promising.
I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops c:


@Antigone I had a look and figured out the error was caused by using single quotes in your notes. That’s an interesting one actually :smiley: I was able to apply a fix right away as this was a bug with my API, you should be fine now, feel free to add notes :slight_smile:

@suying617 Unfortunately, I don’t plan to release an iOS app… Technical reasons beside, Apple charges $100/year for hosting apps on their App Store. Torii is free, there’s no advertisement either, and I don’t even own an iOS device myself… You see, it just wouldn’t pay off for me :confused:

@uniformat For now you can prevent that error from happening by avoiding whitespaces in your synonyms. I’ll release an update before the end of the weekend :slight_smile:


Now that I know it was not a native android app, I am hesitant to ask for more features. But if you are in the mood, I would love to see notifications pop up in my notification bar when the next set of reviews/lessons are ready.

This is one of the reason, I don’t miss my reviews of WK as my phone always notifies me.


It looks and feels great to use. And the possibility to learn vocabs for N5 is perfect for me in addition to WaniKani. But I have one issue.
It would be even better if one could disable some vocabs.
For example all the "one day, one, two etc. stuff.
I would prefer not to learn them again because you have to type them every time in the reviews.
Is it possible to make a button to say “ignore this vocab” ?


@Ernovace I agree, push notifications would be very handy. I think it’s possible to do although Torii isn’t a native Android app. I put this on the feature list for the next major update.

@MikkaT1 It’s definitely possible, this feature has been requested by a few other folks as well. It’s not that difficult to implement actually, I’ll make sure it will be included in tomorrow’s minor update.


For some reason, it crashes every time I try to input the meaning for 何 (specifically, I think the one used for t, d, n, counters, etc.). I updated to the latest Java version, but it still occurs. Are there any crash logs generated somewhere that I could provide?


Seconded with what Rablusep said. I was just going to post it. Both in android and windows version, when I have to enter the meaning for 何 (なん and not the other one), it crashes.

The only choice I have at this stage is to dodge the meaning for this one.


Thirded, just ran into “nan” crashing Torii on Windows. :sweat_smile: Specifically, typing “what” as the meaning for it.


I am a bit confused about the mode options when opening. I don’t understand your description of the differences. For example, Wani Kani mode excludes vocab that is found on Wanti Kani. If so, how can it be ordered by Wani Kani levels? I would normally just try each one to learn the differences, but from the correspondence below it seems that once you have chosen one mode it is very hard to change it. It looks very enticing.

BTW, ppl reference a tool to learn grammar and voice recognition. Are these on WK? If not, where are they?


Ordered by the level of the kanji.


That makes it clear.


I’m sorry if this has been asked already,

Would you consider adding a kana-only vocab study mode as well?

I’ve started with the WK study mode, and having a kana-only study mode to transition to would be awesome ^^

P.S. Seriously loving this app so far, thank you so much for sharing this with us! :high_touch:


@Rablusep @Ernovace @soltris Found & fixed the issue. Thanks for noticing! Until tomorrow’s minor update, please skip なん in your reviews ^^

@shimke Belthazar is correct. Tomorrow’s update includes an option to reset one’s study progress (and choose another Study Mode).

A kana-only mode is a great idea and has been requested by some other folks as well. It might take a week or so, but I’ll definitely add it :slight_smile:


Just made my life a lot easier


the app is great. I had some problems making it work on macOS, but it was my fault (so please ignore my email), I misspelled the command on the terminal.

Any chance we’ll see a typos tolerance for English, like on WaniKani? Sometimes i misspell English words as it’s not my native language, and it’s quite frustrating to get penalised for that :frowning:


Yes, making the input validation algorithm smarter to ignore certain typos (like on WK) is on my to do list. This is quite a complex task though, so right now I can’t say when that feature will become available.


Is there any ordering of the vocabulary on your app? I’m not interested in knowing some of the 1k less used after learning only 1k words.


I’m really liking the app so far, I’ve been wanting a nice way to study non wk vocab! Is there a way to make the lessons appear in random order? My brain can’t handle all the similar words so close to each other :confused: