Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary


The kana only mode should be really useful! Need to study the words that wanikani does not teach.


Another weird furigana.

Also can you make it an option where the audio sentences can also autoplay during reviews?

It really helps me remember when I can associate the word with a sentence. I love it during lessons but the memory fades since I can’t play it during reviews.


Fixed. Again, thanks for the report.

Yeah no problem, there has been a request to make the example sentence available during reviews some days ago. Audio will be included.



I recently finished the N2 vocab. I switched to the N1study mode and it said that I have 1200 new words to learn. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to do N2 reviews so I switched study modes again to combine N1 and N2 and now it says I have 1900 new words. Where did the extra 700 come from? I already took off the WK words…
Maybe it doesn’t remember the words I ignore?


The information on the study mode selection page about how many new words you will learn is a bit misleading at the moment. It tells you the total amount of words of the selected mode(s), without taking into account the words you have already learned. Check out the ‘Progress’ page from the dashboard to see how many words there are actually left to learn.


Ah I see! Yeah when I saw the progress it says I’m already 700 words in. I’m guessing those are the N2 words I’ve already done the lessons for.

Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:


Found another mismatched furigana.


The フ just fell over a bit, that’s all.


This is the second time へ has been trying to masquerade as フ。:thinking: I won’t fall for its lies!


Fixed, thank you. I just went through all the Katakana words and found some more mismatched Furigana. Not exactly sure what went wrong there. It’s all fixed now though.