Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary


Thank you! I’ll tell my friend to try this.


I see a new update…


Correct. Just a tiny one. Let me know if there are any issues.

  • Lightning Mode can now be activated/deactivated on the fly while reviewing
  • The Progress interface now shows the time left until the next daily reset
  • Fixed a login interface bug that could lead to crashes on Android devices and changed it’s look a bit
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the user from logging in in some cases
  • Some more minor bug fixing and code optimisation


Hey, just recently started using Torii, and I quite like it. One small request though:

Typically, when a word like 万一 is transcribed in romaji, it’s written as “man’ichi”, and I find myself trying to enter words like this with the apostrophe. It’s also supported by all the IMEs I’m familiar with. Any chance you could support that as well? I.e. just handle n' in the exact same way that nn is handled already.


I have a problem with the vocab 日中 because there are two words with the same kanji: japan and china, and during the day. And its impossible to tell them apart.


@Nol Sure, I put it on the to do list for the next update.
@SpookySpooks Hm I actually thought I fixed that one at some point in the past, but apparently I didn’t. Thanks for noticing. You can enter either one of the meanings now and the answer will be correct, plus the app will inform you that there’s another meaning for this word.



I’ve just tried your program and loved the idea that I can specifically study Wanikani way some vocabulary that is not covered by it.

Unfortunately though you can’t enter Reading while reviewing (or I didn’t find this option). And manually toggling kana every time is quite troublesome.

Can you or do you plan to add an option to enter an item reading if there are Kanji involved? In jp->en reviews.


There is not iOS version or web version right?

So far I can only using in the Mac, and usually in the weekend I cannot. Now I’m going on vacation for 2 weeks and I;m afraid the review queue is going to be crazy.


@EyeShield77 I’m not sure if I understood you correctly. Do you mean you want a study option where only Kanji (without Furigana) are displayed and you’re asked to enter the Reading (in Kana)? Just like what WK does? If so, I don’t plan to add anything like this. Torii is aimed at vocabulary learning, not Kanji learning.

@emucat No there’s no iOS or web version. I plan to add a vacation mode feature at some point in the future, but it’s not really a priority feature since I didn’t receive a single user request for it yet.




@Rakantor I don’t think you understood @EyeShield77 quite right, unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying.

It is about what WK does, but it is about what they do for vocabulary, not for kanji. For example, it could show you the vocab word 生み出す and you’d have to enter うみだす, the reading of that word.

This is especially useful when a word uses jukujikun, like 小火【ぼや】, since in that case, knowing the kanji readings won’t tell you anything about the vocabulary reading.


@Rakantor, @Nol has cleared further what I was trying to say.
In essence, I want to be sure if I’m recalling right BOTH the English translation and how to read the word. And as of now there is no convenient way to do the latter.
And the words that don’t have kanji in them (katakana/hiragana or both) can be treated like WaniKani treats radicals, where you don’t need to enter their readings to move the word up on SRS ladder.


Completely different topic: For some reason it seems to have not unlocked new lessons for me today.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

(I think it showing 0 day streak and 0 lessons at the same time is proof that this is happening rather than just me forgetting that I took the lessons an hour ago or something? I also did 50 lessons per day since Jan 24th, so I should be able to get to 450 today, I would think, since I’ve still set the lesson limit at 50. I also did restart the program.)

EDIT 15 hours later: Just checked again, and now I do have 50 lessons, whereas I didn’t an hour ago or so, though it’s still the same day


I had the same problem this morning! It said 10 minutes to reset, and then after 10 minutes it said I had no more lessons for the day.


@Nol @lopicake It was a server-side bug caused by the turn of the month… I fixed it an hour ago or so and it shouldn’t happen again. Sorry about that.

@Nol @EyeShield77 Hm WK does that for vocabulary to reinforce your knowledge of the Kanji. The idea behind Torii is that you can learn vocabulary without necessarily knowing Kanji. Therefore adding this feature doesn’t seem appropriate. You will have to know the reading of the word in EN->JP mode anyway. However, if you want to be sure that you know how to read the word in JP->EN mode, I could add a setting that makes toggling Kana more convenient. Kana could initially be hidden and shown by the press of a button. Does that make sense?


@Rakantor yes, I was going to suggest adding a hotkey for that, maybe Tab or something. That would make it quite a bit more convenient.


Yes, it’s a valid workaround, but it’s not ideal.
Not everyone is going to use EN->JP option. I definitely can speak for myself in this case. Maybe at the stage when I’m really far at understanding language, but first I’m much more interested in reading and listening than in writing and speaking. And recalling EN->JP is going to take way too much time. There is a reason WaniKani doesn’t have EN->JP.
So if you could make a toggled sub option for JP->EN that adds entering kana to accept the word, quite a few people are going to be happy (and I’ll buy lifetime :yum:). And those who use EN->JP could leave this option unchecked and go the old way.


Thank You for the fix!
Found another problem.

The furigana doesn’t match the katakana.


@EyeShield77 @Nol Thanks for your input, I put your feature request on the to do list of the next update and will see what I can do. It should be ready within the next couple weeks.

@lopicake Fixed, thanks for the report!


I can’t figure out how to close settings window and get back to the main. When I click “Back” button on my phone app is closed.

Nevermind, I got it xD