Non-Kanji vocab list

Alright, I know it’s gotta exist already, so who has it?!

Where’s the list of ALL of the vocab that isn’t written with kanji?

Ever since hitting 60 I’ve been doing KaniWani more routinely, which is useful, but obviously there’s still plenty that isn’t covered.


I’m going through the core 10K, but Torii also has kana only.


PERFECT! Thank you!


Just out of interest, are you doing the whole core 10k, or just the Wanikani Mode?

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I’ll probably end up regretting it, but I’m doing the core 10K. I’m archiving the vast majority so far, because of WaniKani, but it’s an instant check if I still know the early WK stuff that’s at Burn now.

The example sentences are also auto-played, so even with words that I archive, it’s a chance to practice more listening, and have exposure to use of the word in the context of a sentence. Especially in the early levels of WK, I barely glanced at example sentences because they were above my grammar level.

And since the example sentences are so simple (up to now, at least) it’s a nice confidence boost to instantly understand the sentence upon the first time hearing it, even if it doesn’t help me practice more complex grammar like WK’s odd sentences would. :slight_smile:


Sounds neat! I was looking for a way to practically do a 10k, and so far Torii looks pretty fantastic, with both a windows and android application available. Once I finish my master thesis, I will start with this! :open_mouth:

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Can Torii be ordered by frequency?

I’m looking into options to study the most frequent vocab. iKnow is too expensive and it seems as they abandoned the English facing part and recently axed it completely. The 10k Anki deck (which is basically iKnow iirc) frustrates me because I’mnot retainimg anything with reviews only once a day. Are there any other tools/websites?

I’m not sure if adding even more SRS to WK, KameSame and Bunpro is even a good idea. The time might be better spent by just reading more?

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The core 10K is the 10K most frequently used words in Japanese. Torii then sub-divides it in JLPT levels. So it’ll teach N5-related words of the 10K first, then N4, etc., etc.

If it can be set to just highest frequency while disregarding JLPT, I didn’t notice in the settings, but I also wasn’t looking very hard.

There is also WaniKani mode on Torii, which will ommit all items that WK covers.

Since it’s free, you can always download and snoop around. The Torii SRS intervals are the same / very similar to the WK ones. :slight_smile:

Anki is supposed to be an SRS tool, so it shouldn’t give you reviews once a day unless something was changed in the settings of a deck (since you can alter basically everything in Anki). Not that I know that much about Anki, since I only puttered around with it for an afternoon or two.

The more time spent reading, the better, I’d say. Seeing the language in actual use, rather than in a vacuum is always good.

I also have finite patience for SRS in a day. A couple of hundred items is okay, but if it’s like 500+ in a day, I start skipping out on reading and listening - the actual fun parts of studying that teach me most about how the language is used in practice.


I guess I’ll just give it a try then. I noticed it has an app too. Timers like WK sounds good.

Ah, I didn’t realize everything can be altered in Anki. I’ve used it only for a small time and disliked it after awhile. I guess should have looked into how to change the SRS timers. I don’t really want to use it if there are more pleasant alternatives, though. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, true SRS all day isn’t that fun and I should spend more time on the more fun ways to learn anyway.
Also there’s still a massive amount of vocab in WK that covers a lot of the 10k and is already massively helping with vocab.

I also just realized there’s still Renshuu which I was using for some time for Genki vocab, but stopped awhile ago. I’m not sure if SRS timers are changeable tho.
Oh and of course Kitsun that has WK timer deck for 10k and a Genki deck (vocab probably similar to JLPT 5/4?) and the recently announced 6.50$/month is, uh, not too bad.

But seems there are plenty of ressources after all.

Thanks for your input! I’ll look into the options again and then evaluate, though I’m leaning more towards just reading/listening more + own deck maybe.


I think @jprspereira has a deck they often recommend

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