Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary


Wow what a beautiful app!!! It’s self-evident how much work you’ve put into it, and you’ve been so receptive to user requests. That’s amazing. I can really feel how much love has been put into this project.

If I didn’t do 100% of my SRS reviews on mobile (iOS), I’d definitely be all over this program. It’s a shame Apple charges so darn much to use their App Store.


I found one more bug in relation to custom lists. If you delete the word and/or list the words are gone but still stuck in your reviews. They should be permanently deleted from the system but that doesn’t appear to be happening.


Deleting a practice list doesn’t delete the vocabulary it contains, removing a word from a list doesn’t delete it either. The only way to permanently delete custom vocabulary is via the ‘Browse’ -> ‘Custom Vocab’ interface. Can you confirm that you have used said interface to delete your custom vocab?


No problem!
I mean both :smiley:


yes that worked, thank you.


It’s update time!

Unfortunately the new update doesn’t include all the things I had planned. I’m going to move to Japan tomorrow (:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:) and I won’t be coding for a week or two after arriving there, so I thought it would be best to release the new update today nonetheless and another one later on.

As always, please let me know if there are any bugs. I’ll leave download links to the old (current) version below in case there’s a major bug in the new version and I don’t have time to fix it immediately :stuck_out_tongue:

New features

  • Vacation Mode has been implemented
  • An audio review mode has been implemented: You’ll hear the vocab in Japanese and are asked to enter its meaning (activate in Settings -> Reviews)
  • The Endless Practice feature has been improved and now lets you choose the way you want to practice (JP to EN, EN to JP, Audio to EN, Audio to JP) and which SRS levels shall be included
  • The information that appears when an item has just been answered (shortcut = space bar) was extended by the words PoS, JLPT level, the context sentence with audio and links to Jisho & Tatoeba
  • Selecting any vocab in the ‘Browse’ interface will now display some valuable infos such as its SRS level and how many times it has been answered (correct)
  • Part of speech is now displayed in review sessions
  • The current Study Mode now appears in Settings -> Lessons
  • The Kana converter will now convert n’ to ん
  • On the login screen there’s now a ‘Secure Connection’ checkbox (enabled by default)
  • Added some more minor features not worth mentioning in detail


  • Trying to playback audio of custom vocab or other vocab without an audio file won’t crash the app anymore
  • Adding custom vocab: Fixed a bug that prevented Kanji from being pasted into the corresponding textfield
  • Some more minor bug fixing and code optimisation

Download Torii SRS v1.3.0

Old version

Old version v1.2.6 for Windows:
Old version v1.2.6 for macOS:
Old version v1.2.6 for Linux:


Just noticed the update when I went to do my reviews, it seems great so far, although I haven’t tried out all the new things, just did my reviews as usual:

Loving this part! Really helps me figure out which word it’s asking for when I think there are a few options. However, I think it is a bit too much when it says “verb with su ending” etc, I think that is perhaps too much of a hint. Leaving it at ichidan/godan may be better if you want to specify more than just “verb”. However, I figure this might require changing the database too much. (Also, does it say “no adjective” instead of “na adjective” throughout, or just on the example I came across?


@Rakantor I agree with Jul3 on this. Saying godan verb with su ending is a bit much of a give away. Even godan verb might be a bit much while doing reviews from Eng - Jap. That is my opinion anyway. (If it is used to differentiate verbs then… I don’t know what to do. Sowwy.)