Ton of reviews out of nowhere

I had only 20-30 reviews per day for the last week or two, thought it was very slow since I’m level 25. I opened the app today and had over 400 reviews waiting. I’m guessing this was some kind of glitch in the app, anybody else have this happen before?


How heavy did you load up on lessons early on in your journey, out of curiosity? This might be an old workload rearing its head to bite you (a bunch of enlightened items that you learned in a large swathe, which are now about to be burned, for example). Have you kept to the general rule of thumb of keeping your apprentice count <150, or do you/did you try to do all of your lessons at once?

I know from experience that early on in WaniKani, I tried to rush the lessons and make sure I kept it at 0 at all times, and when those burns came back for me, I felt it hard (though closer to the tune of 100-200 extra reviews, as opposed to 400.)

Edit: To posit another question, out of curiosity what does your review forecast look like for the next few days? Did this bulk of reviews not show up in the forecast sidebar at all for you?


Hey thanks for the response. I definitely did push lessons as soon as they were available early on. I only just recently saw that <150 strat so my apprentice items are over that still. My review forecast is very low, 20-30 per day max from what I can see. I don’t recall seeing a wave of reviews forecasted at all, but I could have overlooked it.

It’s sounding like your first idea is correct, could be a huge wave of enlightened coming at me now. I guess I’m going to chunk through them the best I can then take it easy on lessons until I have more manageable counts.


Yeah, that’s all you can do, but the nice thing is, if they are burns, and you pass them, these particular words won’t come back to haunt you again! You got this! 頑張って!

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Sounds like a Tsurukame glitch to me, since you said you’re using ‘the app’. Try logging out and in again, and check WaniKani on web, just in case.

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I would strongly recommend installing the Ultimate Timeline and configuring it to show you the next 120 days by srs_stage — it won’t make the job any easier, but at least it will prevent future surprises.

You want to see master and enlightened items (in blue below) nice and spread out without any huge spikes:

The configuration I use for this is shown below it.

At the risk of a bit of self-promotion, you might also want to consider installing the GanbarOmeter.


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