Tofugu/WaniKani is Hiring (2021 Edition)

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Tofugu is hiring for a litany of roles across most of our teams, including: administration, support, marketing, product, and content. There are a few more roles coming that haven’t been posted up yet (more content and marketing roles, as well as an front-end engineering role).

You can read more about working at Tofugu and see what we’re hiring for on our jobs page.

Even if you’re not interested / able to apply for any of these jobs, if you know someone who would be awesome, we’d appreciate if you let them know! Here are the roles we’re hiring for in alphabetical order by team.


  • Executive Assistant: I need help running things so I can go back to spending all day on the forums. View Listing.


  • "Japan" Category Author: Writer for the “Japan” category on Tofugu. View Listing.
  • "Japanese" Category Author: Writer for the “Japanese Language” category on Tofugu. View Listing.
  • "Japanese Grammar" Section Author: Writer for the Japanese Grammar section on Tofugu. View Listing.
  • "Reviews" Category Author: Use Japanese learning resources, read books, and the like and get paid to write about it. View Listing.
  • General Editor: Mostly copy editing and proofreading. View Listing.
  • Content Transferrer: Someone to take Tofugu’s written content and media and get it ready for publishing. View Listing.
  • Peer Review Editor: As if you were a university professor of Japanese Studies, read drafts of content and offer feedback / suggestions on how to make it stronger. View Listing.


  • Front-End Engineer: Not posted, but coming soonish. Coding front-end. Will need to know React really, really well. Sign up for the jobs email list on the Jobs page to get notified when this position is up.


  • Community Manager: Looking for someone who can exceed our imagination on what a “community manager” does. You shouldn’t be too reliant on social media. View Listing.
  • Marketing Copywriter: Not posted, but coming soonish. A lot of emails with the goal of helping people more than actually marketing things. Sign up for the jobs email list on the Jobs page to get notified when this position is up.


  • Designer: Looking for a very experienced, mildly eccentric designer to design features, web pages, and more. View Listing.
  • Product Designer: Coming up with and taking ideas and turning them into projects for people to do. View Listing.


  • Support Agent: Answering emails, doing chat, the whole caboodle. More specifically, looking for someone to do weekends, as well as some odd, open weekday hours. View Listing.
  • Forum Moderator: It will absolutely take all the fun out of hanging out on the forums, but if you’re still interested… View Listing.

If you have any questions, it’ll almost certainly be faster if you email them to


Wait Koichi actually posting in the forums? Did that happen when the crabigator was still young and the sengoku jidai was still happening?


Just curious: you don’t need any more art, do you?

Otherwise, I guess applying for some of the writing positions would be the next best thing for me :thinking::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Come on now. Don’t y’all know Vue is the new hotness?


If Tofugu also has a Durtle Breeder job open, I’ll apply in a heartbeat!


Job Type: Part-time, Hourly, Contractor (~10-15 hrs/week)
Work Hours: Spread out, Flexible
Work Location: Remote, Worldwide
Pay: $25/hr, +$5/hr after 6 months

You mean we don’t get paid $25/hour just for being here for 10-15 hours per week? :upside_down_face:


If that’s the case, Koichi has some back-payments to make. :laughing:


Koichi himself! I am some years earlier myself, but I wish I had the knowledge to apply for a ob here.
Oh, well.


I love how the company retreats now come with the pandemic disclaimer


Be the hero we need so that @koichi can be the hero we deserve.


dont you wanna try vue? I can help with Vue :smiley:


Job Type: Part-time employee, Hourly (10-15 hrs/week)
Work Hours: Flexible, M-F
Work Location: Remote (USA)
Pay: $35-$45/hr

For $35-$45 an hour for part-time flexible hours I’d sign up in a heartbeat.

…If I wasn’t mostly likely very unqualified.


Checks Customer Support Agent job description:

So… I have a chance of being qualified for something just for having a JPLT level that’s lower than N2?!


…or maybe some podcasts again, like the interviews or less structured culture related stuff from the earlier seasons? :innocent:

Interesting. My place we go with a three people rule ~> we don’t jump for new hotness before we don’t have at least three people who have experience in and are committed to it… So maybe one more vue durtle anywhere? :four_leaf_clover:


I could also be an intern who learns react

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It’s kinda tempting to apply, aside from my strong desire to not go anywhere near a cover letter ever again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Was hoping to read between the lines and see indications of upcoming EtoEto. Not seeing that yet, but glad you’re still taking growth and improvement seriously. Love you guys!

(Maybe I’ll make PettoPetto, where a bunch of cats teach Japanese grammer using principles of neuroscience and general cuteness).


Only to tell people that he only loves them as long as they stay at level 42.

It’s a shame I don’t get to learn any more japanese, but it’s good to feel loved.

Edit: I can confirm that Vue is pleasant and easy to work with, as well as quick to develop for. Now, as to whether or not you’ll be able to get the responsiveness you’d get from react working exclusively with Vue, I can’t say.


Will take a look at these job postings. Hopefully, there will be an analytics role :eyes:


With all these job openings, my pinky is telling me EtoEto IS COMING SOOOOON, ー I am excited !!!

I was reading the Community Manager’s job description, and can’t wait to see what out-of-the box ideas the community manager will propose for us! :smiley:

With the hiring of a product designer, does this mean we will finally get official Wanikani’s T-shirts ? And of course, a special 60-level shirt for those who reached that milestone! I will be the first one to buy the merch! Please!!! :pray: