Tofugu’s 4500 Sentences

For those of you that may have dabbled with translating tofugu’s 4500 sentences, what ideal WK or Japanese level would you recommend having?

Like the idea of getting started on them, but don’t want to be skipping too many…

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It’s recommended for ‘intermediate’. I wouldn’t worry about skipping a lot since that just means the list will still be useful for a while as your knowledge grows.

I’m pretty sure the first 500 from the 4500 pack are the same as the free 500, so you could glance at those to get a feel for what you’d be getting into:

And for those, there was a community translation if I recall correctly

In case you dont know what a sentence means, I’d say those translations are a step up from google translate.

Although, I’d say, going for the actual (low level) in-context reading, like Japanese Graded Readers, is the best; I myself have created a reading speed test, along with comprehension test, here – How many sentences (by JLPT) can you read in 1 minute? Let's read Japanese sentences with self-checkable translations. [Anki/Spreadsheet/Desktop app] - #6 by polv

Let’s go for at least 10 sentences per minute, with like 90% comprehension rate. Let’s see if you can go there for N3 with Kanji level 100.

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