"Today's Lessons" Reset Time should be adjustable

Overall I greately enjoy the new “Today’s Lessons” feature. The mixture of radicals, kanji and vocabulary is great, as I very easily “overdose” on learning a lot of things of the same type in a row, especially radicals.

However, as these recommended lessons are paced by the WaniKani algorithms, they have produced a problem: Recommended lessons seem to become available on midnight based on my local time (Central European) or just happen to do so by pure chance.

For me, midnight is a very poor divider for days. Due to my work (and as a result sleep) schedule being somewhat nonstandard, my study times fluctuate throughout the week. I sometimes study past midnight, which means I leave lessons of the current day unused and then “use up” lessons meant for the following day, which means overall missing out on progress.

While picking out my own lessons with the Advanced button is a stop-gap solution, I would much prefer if I could adjust this reset time to any hour of the day (in my case, probably early morning).


I wonder if changing the time zone on your computer/device would change the reset time.

I’m not offering that as a solution, I’m just generally curious.

Won’t it mess with the existing reviews srs, though?

Many, many SRS implementations make the same mistake and it frustrates me a lot too. Bunpro does that, I think Duolingo does too. I generally go to bed around 1AM and do my last batch of reviews then and it frustrates me.

Anki is one that gets it right, the cutoff time is configurable and by default set at 4AM which is quite reasonable for most people I think.

no, the SRS intervals are not relative to the timezone, if you just do a new lesson the first review will come 4 hours later even if you change timezone.


Somehow this doesn’t make sense to me, pending reviews wise (not new lessons). The way it works wanikani gives you reviews every rounded hour, which means if you do a review at 00:59, it is still within the 00:00 range, so your + 8 would be 08:00, not 09:00. And those hours count is relative to time zone, unless there are different conditions at play.

Hey @mods would really appreciate some data in this case, was the choice of the Cinderella Clock based on some lessons use statistics or is it someones glass slippers obsession?
OP request has some merits, but I don’t know if it can be a flexible variable, and changing it to a different fixed hour will probably make it tough for another group of users.

I mean unless you consider timezones that are offset by a fraction of an hour I don’t see how that would matter.

If you look at the API docs every date is in UTC (Zulu time) for instance: WaniKani API Reference

If you do a lesson a 15:34 UTC the next review will be 4 hours later rounded down, so 19:00 UTC. Local time zones don’t factor into this.

If I look at the HTTP request for today’s lessons when I load the main page on wanikani I find:


(Guess where I live)

You can see that the timezone is explicitly set here and only here, you can actually tweak this URL to get a different result. In fact I expect that anybody clicking the link above will see that they have lessons available even if they have already done them.

For instance right now it tells me that I have lessons available, but if I change the utc_time_at_start_of_day to yesterday’s date it says I don’t have any lessons left:


This is purely a UI thing with no impact on SRS which is timezone-agnostic.

(Note that the fact that utc_time_at_start_of_day is set to 00:00 here is coincidental, it so happens that Lisbon’s winter timezone lines up with UTC exactly, if you live elsewhere in the world you should find a different time here).


I see, so it is indeed the latter, different independent conditions (I’m probably simplifying my understanding of agnostic way too much) Thanks for the the explanation, I appreciate you taking the time to write it.

By agnostic I mean that internally the system doesn’t care about timezones at all, everything is set in universal time and the timezone conversions only take place in the web interface. That’s why for the “today’s lessons” widget the web interface has to feed the timezone back to the server because otherwise it wouldn’t know what “today” even means.

Oh and by the way, that means that @KuroMaboroshi’s issue can actually probably be solved easily by a userscript that would hijack this particular URL to set a utc_time_at_start_of_day different from the default one.

Keep in mind that I’m obviously not a WaniKani dev so these are all just educated guesses.


Unless you live in a time zone that is half hour offset. Then it is on the half hour. :smiling_face:

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The data is stored on the server. In the database the date and time stamp will be UTC. I would be surprised if the design here did not follow this convention.

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing after reading your api explanation, that if wanikani can’t solve the op problem
@KuroMaboroshi you might try to ask for a user-script in what do you want now?

Not ideal but sometimes it’s the only option left.

Really? I Learn something new every day.

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Just go into vacation mode and turn it off when you get back. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

I’m pretty sure if you go into your profile settings you can select your own timezone. I changed mine from Toronto to Los Angeles recently because I’ve moved, and I am pretty sure it’s changed when my new “day” starts for learning to the new midnight.

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Thank you for the feedback on when “Today’s Lessons” clock resets. I’ll share your thoughts with the team!